Thursday, March 23, 2006

VA: Guns OK in glove compartment : "Licensed gun owners can now keep a firearm locked in the glove compartment or some other locked container inside their car without a concealed weapons permit under provision adopted by the legislature last week. If stopped by police, the gun owner would have to notify them of the gun. Before, a gun had to be in plain sight, in line with Virginia's nonconcealed carry law, unless the owner had a permit. Del. Clay Athey Jr. (R-Front Royal), who sponsored the change, said he could have a gun at his home and his temporary hotel room during the legislative session, but he noted the law was 'gray' when it came to carrying a gun in his car. He said it was a 'reasonable' extension of the Second Amendment."

DE: Bill would make getting permit for concealed gun easier: "Legislation to make it easier for law-abiding Delawareans to obtain permits to carry concealed handguns was introduced today in the state House -- with enough sponsors to guarantee its passage in both chambers. Under current law, applicants must demonstrate a compelling need for a permit and convince a Superior Court judge to issue it. House Bill 359, which is backed by the Delaware State Sportsmen's Association and the National Rifle Association, would require the judge to issue the permit if the applicant meets the requirements and no grounds are presented for denying it. The legislation 'would level the playing field for all the applicants,' said John Sigler, a retired Dover police captain who is first vice president of the NRA. Many current permit-holders were approved because they must carry large sums of money in their jobs, and Sigler said the right to self-defense also needs to be recognized. 'Single moms have got a right to protect themselves and their family, just like the small-businessman' who carries the day's receipts to the bank, Sigler said."

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