Saturday, March 18, 2006

OK: Guns for judges: "Oklahoma judges could carry guns in courthouses under legislation approved today by the Oklahoma House. Tulsa state Representative Daniel Sullivan allows district judges and associate district judges to have firearms in a courthouse. It was approved 94-to-4 and sent to the Senate for a vote. The measure arose from an incident in Tulsa in which a judge became concerned that a defendant had overpowered a deputy sheriff, prompting the judge to arm himself in self-defense."

MO: Court hears arguments on gun permit case : "A man who was denied a permit to acquire a gun after being evaluated at a mental health facility argued Monday to the state Supreme Court that his constitutional right to due process was violated. David Nelson was sent to a mental health center for a 96-hour evaluation in September 2003 over fears he would harm himself. He was evaluated and released with no finding of mental illness or need for further treatment. Last year, he applied for a permit to acquire a weapon. The Callaway County sheriff's office denied the request, citing a section of law barring people who were committed to a mental health center from obtaining a permit."

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