Wednesday, March 15, 2006

IL: Homeowner shoots home invader: "Police are searching for a man after a home invasion that ended with gunfire and a police chase in the Metro East. Police say two men fired two shots and tried to break down the door of a home on Third Street in Madison around 11:00 Wednesday night. The homeowner returned fire, hitting one of the men in the stomach. The two men sped off, and police gave chase before the suspects ditched their car in East St. Louis. Police caught the suspect who was shot. The other man got away."

Gun control reduces violence? "Our friends across the pond in England have enacted fairly strict gun control measures in recent years in response to rising violent crime rates, and have an extensive network of cameras to keep a governmental eye on the populace. In fact, things are so peaceful in this now gun-free utopia that schoolchildren are sent to class in body armor to protect against being stabbed."

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