Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Arkansas Second Amendment Supporters Exercise Rights in Springdale

With the passage of Act 746, Arkansas became a constitutional carry state.  However, many people, most prominently Democrat Attorney General McDaniel, have been reluctant to recognize that fact.    Second amendment activist groups have been organizing open carry events around the State to educate the public about their rights under the State and Federal constitutions.   The latest of these open carry walks occurred in Springdale this last Saturday.  The event was attended by about 50 activists, a considerable number for a town of 73,000 people, when you consider that at the height of the anti-second amendment hysteria this year,  the "Stop the NRA" event in Washington, D.C. only drew approximately as many in a city of 623,000.

This YouTube slide show shows how the constitutional supporters are educating the public about the restoration of their rights.

These activities are gradually percolating through the local media and educating everyone about the law.

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