Friday, November 29, 2013

Critical Timeline of Newtown Shooting, by TDI

This is excerpted from the Buckeye Firearms Association Page, for wider dissemination.

Editor's Note: Tactical Defense Institute's John Benner rarely weighs in on issues, leaving that function to others. When John addresses an issue it is noteworthy and well worth the read. This article was originally posted on the TDI Facebook page. Republished with permission.

by John Benner

The official report from the Connecticut States Attorney's office on the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre has been released.

This horrific event has had a tremendous impact in many ways. My belief is the impact was so strong, not based on numbers killed, but the age of the 20 very young children murdered.

The interesting and most important section of the report from my standpoint is the timeline of the event. Time is THE important factor in the taking of and hopefully saving of lives. The FASTER the killer is stopped, the less lives we lose.
At TDI we believe without question (and have for a long time) in the arming of school staff (willing, trained and competent). Quite honestly, I considered that a pipe dream until the Sandy Hook Massacre took place. Everything changed, and we had to start asking the hard questions. What is a real answer, because law enforcement is not effective.

After speaking with Jim Irvine and the Buckeye group we partnered with Buckeye Firearms Foundation to do classes specifically for school staff members. Buckeye named it FASTER, certainly a fitting name.
I am not saying that law enforcement does not wish to do their job or will not do it - they are simply not there and the response takes way too long. The Sandy Hook report proves that once again.

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