Friday, November 29, 2013

NRA silence gave pass to ‘pro gun Democrats’ who voted for ‘nuclear option' by David Codrea

Another great article by David Codrea.  Go to Gun Rights Examiner for the whole article.

The so-called “nuclear option,” where the Senate voted to change filibuster rules on nominations, “was a vote to begin the process of effectively repealing the Second Amendment,” Gun Owners of America warned Monday in a member alert. And an analysis of that vote shows many Democrats given high ratings by the National Rifle Association helped to ram through what The Los Angeles Times has called “one of the most significant rule changes in Senate history” with no fear of political repercussions from the nation’s largest gun rights group.

Harry Reid ... did this for the ostensible purpose of packing the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals with three anti-gun judges -- one of which (Robert Wilkins) has held that the Second Amendment doesn't protect the right to purchase firearms, just the right to possess them,” GOA explained. “[B]efore the ink was dry on the tally sheet, Barack Obama commended the Senate and mourned the fact that filibusters had blocked his gun ban and gun registration scheme. What Obama is clearly calling for is for the same ‘nuclear option’ to be used to pass comprehensive gun control.”

GOA’s assessment is corroborated by The Times’ report, which focused on recently-elected Democrats being the driving force behind the filibuster rule change, and cited Connecticut Senator Christopher S. Murphy’s reasons for pushing it through.

“For Murphy, the failure of the Senate gun control bill earlier this year was the final straw,” the report explained. “He took on the issue of gun violence after the Newtown school shooting in his state in 2012. A bipartisan bill crafted by Sens. Joe Manchin III (D-W.Va.) and Patrick J. Toomey (R-Pa.) had 55 votes but failed to advance.”

"I was a proponent of filibuster reform coming into the Senate, but I became a revolutionary on this issue when we lost the gun bill," Murphy was quoted.
But while Murphy is recognized by both NRA and GOA as a confirmed anti-gunner, a cadre of supposedly “pro-gun Democrats” putting party over principle cast the votes that enabled the radical change to pass.

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Senate must oppose Stand Your Ground Lite gun bill pending in Columbus: editorial

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