Saturday, November 16, 2013

MILLER: Ted Cruz targeted by Politifact over gun crime facts cited to Jay Leno

What purpose is served by concentrating on the 99 percent of people who do not commit crimes in order to attempt to ineffectually prevent the 1 percent who do commit crimes from buying guns?  The only real purpose is to set up a universal registration system which is in effect, gun confiscation in slow motion.

Left-leaning Politifact twisted itself in knots to declare Sen. Ted Cruz’s data on gun prosecutions declining under President Obama as “mostly false.”
In fact, the Republican senator correctly stated on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” on Nov. 8 that “Under President Bush, prosecution of gun crimes was 30 percent higher than it is under President Obama.”

Politifact first accused Mr. Cruz of “cherry picking” by comparing the year with the highest number of prosecutions under President George W. Bush, which was 11,015 in 2004 to the 7,7774 under Mr. Obama in 2012.

The senator is debating a position and can take the highest number in the Bush administration. But there is no debating that if Mr. Cruz selected any year from 2002 to 2008, it would have shown more prosecutions than 2012.

“The point of this data is that more can be done to target violent criminals, and this administration has not made that a priority,” Mr. Cruz’s spokesman, Catherine Frazier, told me Friday. “The senator believes that our focus must be on prosecuting those who commit gun crimes, not taking away the Second Amendment rights of those who follow the laws.”

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