Thursday, November 28, 2013

MILLER: Chuck Schumer’s scam with 3D plastic guns

Emily Miller is right about the Schumer scam.  She is wrong about 3D printed guns.   The ban does nothing to make us safer, but it does impede technological development and create another victimless crime.

The federal ban on plastic guns will expire on Dec. 9 if the Senate Democrats keep trying to trick Congress into more gun control.

Once the law sunsets, anyone with a 3D printer and downloaded blueprints can make a legal gun that can pass through metal detectors. This is dangerous for everyone.

Just before the Senate recessed last Thursday for two weeks, Sen. Chuck Schumer abruptly called for unanimous consent for a one-year extension to the Undetectable Firearms Act.  Up to that point, all discussion in both the House and Senate were for five or 10 year periods.

His scam was to have the bill expire again during the Senate’s lame duck session in 2014.  At that point, Mr. Schumer and his compadres could tack on the gun-control expansions that their vulnerable Democrats in rural and western states would not support in an election year.

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Stephen said...

Whether you make 3d plastic guns or bullets now they can be tracked ... a Tech firm unveiled detector for 3d printed guns.... so we don’t have to worry about these plastic guns ...