Friday, November 15, 2013

CA: No Charges for Couple who shot Intruder

 Chased off by one citizens with a gun (Padilla),  then shot by a couple as he repeatedly attempted to break into their home.

The Stanislaus County Sheriffs Department says no charges will be filed against a homeowner who shot and wounded an intruder.


 Apparently Liberini got the car stuck outside Oakdale on the Oakdale-Waferford Highway. He was found sitting in Tony Padilla’s truck.  Padilla used his handgun to chase him off when he Padilla didn’t believe his story about having car trouble.


“One cop even fold(sic) me he was proud of them,” said Padilla.

Liberini underwent surgery for a non-life threatening wound and will be charged with burglary, robbery and violation of parole.

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