Tuesday, November 12, 2013

WA:University Students Who Defended Themselves Get Probation (school)

A Glock 20 and a CCW permit shows a serious interest in firearms and self defence.  I suspect that Mr. McIntosh is very competent with firearms.

With the national media spotlight on them, two Gonzaga University roommates put on school probation for violating a weapons policy said they’ll appeal the sanction.


But he and McIntosh plan to appeal their probations, he said.
“That information is going to be on our educational record, and anytime we go for a job interview and show them our transcripts, that information will be on there,” Fagan said. “We don’t feel like we should be punished just for defending ourselves.”

McIntosh, 23, chased a man demanding money from the doorstep of their Logan Neighborhood apartment Oct. 24. Afterward, university security guards confiscated his 10 mm Glock pistol after the incident and also took a hunting shotgun belonging to Fagan, 21.

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