Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Gun prohibitionists blatantly and falsely libel Texas gun rights group by Kurt Hoffman

Last Saturday, the gun ban lobby group "Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America" held a meeting in a Dallas restaurant. The gun rights advocacy group Texas Open Carry (whose signature issue is, as one might expect, the legalization of open carry of handguns in the state) took the opportunity to hold a rally in the restaurant parking lot.

"Writing from the left," as he describes his propaganda in Forbes, Rick Ungar took exception to the fact that the open carry rally featured . . . open carrying: Ungar wasted no time in making clear that "writing from the left" means lying through one's teeth, in his "Texas Gun Bullies Use Semi-Automatics To Terrorize Mothers Against Guns-NRA Remains Silent."

Ungar, of course, presents precisely zero evidence of "bullying," or any attempt on Texas Open Carry's part to intimidate, much less "terrorize" anyone--and he also blatantly lies:
While the group is certainly entitled to protest (although there are questions raised about them doing so on private property without invitation as was the case here), they are not, according to Texas law, entitled to do so by openly showing their weapons.
While Texas permits licensed gun owners to carry concealed weapons, Texas does not permit the open carry of guns. Indeed, it is the desire to change this law that the Open Carry Texas group is all about.
Um--wrong, Ungar. Open carry of handguns is still illegal in Texas, but long guns (rifles and shotguns) are perfectly legal to carry openly (how, after all, would one conceal them?). Even the New York Times--not exactly known for getting its facts straight on guns, or presenting them honestly, knows that:

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