Saturday, November 23, 2013

MI: Thousands more women are arming themselves

One of the largest groups of new gun owners are women.  Those who push citizen disarmament know that they cannot win if a substantial number of women become gun owners and freedom activists.

KINGSLEY -- The number of people applying for concealed pistol licenses has taken off in the past few years, and many of those who are arming themselves are women.

Thousands of women in Michigan are choosing to carry a firearm.

You would never know Tracy Romzek from Buckley grew up afraid of guns, but she confessed it was a fear of the unknown.

“I was scared of them! I was very scared of guns,” explained Romzek. “Guns kill. That's kind of the mindset I had before. I think it's really important. There are so many of us that are afraid of guns because we're not around them.

In the past year alone, Romzek has gone from never holding a gun, to taking a course to get her concealed pistol license, or CPL.

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