Sunday, November 24, 2013

GA:Teen shot in Attempted Robbery

Do not run at a man with a gun who tells you to stop.  The armed homeowner is 69 years old.  Having two teens run at him while he is armed shows disparity of force.   If the teens had reached him, they could have disarmed him and killed him.  Young, multiple attackers have killed many with only hands and feet.

RINGGOLD, Ga. — Two teens are in custody and another is dead after police say their attempted burglary went wrong in Ringgold.


 Youngblood was standing outside the home and yelled at the boys to get out, the sheriff said. One poked his head out of the house and then both ran toward the 69-year-old, who said he feared for his life. The man shot 17-year-old Dalton Mcconathy in the side of the neck, Sisk said. After they fled, Mcconathy collapsed into the bed of the truck. He later died at a hospital.

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