Tuesday, November 19, 2013

OH:Cleveland Settles Civil Rights Lawsuit, Returns Gun

CLEVELAND, Ohio — The city of Cleveland will return Derrick Washington's .38-caliber Taurus as part a settlement in a federal court battle over the city's seizure of the weapon, Washington's lawyer says.

The gun was confiscated and never returned even after a city prosecutor refused to press charges, citing a lack of evidence.

"This was a matter of principle,'' said Washington's attorney, J. Gary Seewald. "He could have bought a new gun for $500. But he wanted to go through with this. He wanted his gun.''

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Anonymous said...

This is just a small example of Cleveland police lawlessness over the years. They can and will lie to an assistant DA or in court, such as in this case saying Washington admitted to drinking. Was he offered a breath test? They put him in jail for three days for what? If he was drinking and refused a breath test they could prosecute him for public intox, tow his car, etc. (disposition of his car was not mentioned). Now he's just about got to move because the cops will be watching for him.