Sunday, November 24, 2013

Update GA:Teen Shot in Attempted Robbery

Do not run at a man with a gun who tells you to stop.  The armed homeowner is 69 years old.  Having two teens run at him while he is armed shows disparity of force.   If the teens had reached him, they could have disarmed him and killed him.  Young, multiple attackers have killed many with only hands and feet.

RINGGOLD, Ga. — It's now more clear how 17-year-old Dalton McConathy wound up dead Monday afternoon, shot, police say, by 69-year-old Fred Steven Youngblood outside Youngblood's Post Oak Road home.


Prior to this week, the Stones' only interaction with Youngblood was after their dogs went into his yard, and he shot at them. Her husband went to talk to him.

"He said 'That was a warning. Next time, I won't miss,'" Stone said. But, she added, according to Catoosa County property laws, "he had every legal right to do that."


 According to the initial Catoosa County Sheriff's Office report, Youngblood heard two of the teens in his home, grabbed his pistol and went to confront them. He reportedly went to the back of the house and told the two male teens to "stay still." But "they ran towards him and he shot at them," the report stated.

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