Wednesday, November 20, 2013

NC:Sheriff Believes in Right to Bear Arms, Unless you Actually do


  Figure 10. Violent Crime Rate comparison between general population UCR data and law enforcement population NPMSRP data.

Sheriff Johnson in North Carolina reveals his inner authoritarian in this article in the

GRAHAM — Sheriff Terry Johnson advised the Alamance County Board of Commissioners on Monday regarding two recent incidents in which customers paying their taxes carried handguns strapped on their sides into the tax office


Johnson said the county should forbid all firearms from coming into county buildings. Johnson said the county could require the public to enter the Civil Courts Building entrance, where metal detectors are located, and allow county employees to use their employee badges to enter the administration entrance.

“I am a believer in a man’s right to bear arms, but you don’t walk into a county building with a gun strapped on the side of you,” Johnson said.
Why not Sheriff?  Do not your deputies and perhaps, even yourself, do exactly that?   If, as you say, you believe in the right to bear arms, then why should citizens be forbidden from bearing arms while going about their daily business?

If they are a danger in the County building, why aren't they a danger on the street?  Sworn officers appear to commit murder at a rate about the same as the general population (see chart above).

Compared to people with carry permits, sworn officers are much more likely to commit murder.

So what is the reason to let armed officers into the county buildings, but to keep armed citizens out?  It is pure fantasy that agents of the state are somehow magically more responsible than the majority of citizens.  It probably springs from the discredited model of modern murder that presumed that ordinary citizens are murderers just waiting to happen, given an emotional excuse and the availability of a firearm.    In fact, the vast majority of murders are committed by a small minority of violent individuals who have a long history of violence and criminal convictions.

I suspect that Sheriff Johnson is spouting off from ignorant political correctness or is suffering from hoplophobic projection as described by Dr. Sarah Thompson.   In such projection, the person does not trust themselves with weapons, and projects that attitude onto others.

Sheriff Johnson, you say that "I am a believer in a man’s right to bear arms...." . Prove it by changing your recommendation to the County Board of Commissioners.

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