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AZ:61-Year-Old Ex-Marine Fires at Suspect who Threatens Him and Security Guard

Armed Arizonans at an Anti-IRS Rally

This story in Arizona follows a classic defense of others scenario.  A suspect pulls a gun and points it at an unarmed security officer.   A former Marine, 61 years old, sees the situation and pulls his own gun.  He is concerned not only for the security officer, but his wife, who has just left the store and arrived at the scene.  He orders the suspect to "freeze", but the suspect points her gun at the former Marine, who fires.  The suspect and confederate then flee the scene on a motorcycle.   It is not known if the suspect was hit, but no one else at the location was injured.  From

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- A man who opened fire at two shoplifting suspects outside of the Sears at Arrowhead Towne Center told 3TV he pulled out his gun to protect himself, his wife and a loss-prevention officer.

"They chose to point the gun at me; (they) messed with the wrong Marine," Mervin Brewer said.
 In the news stories that I have heard and read, there has not been any mention of a concealed carry permit, but Arizona has constitutional carry, so it does not matter.   It is also of interest that no one considered putting the shopping center in lockdown, or calling a swat team to the parking lot where the shooting occurred.  Glendale is part of the Phoenix metroplex.

As of last reports, the police believe that they found the motorcycle used by the suspects, but no arrests have been made.  The suspects were described as a white male with a "scruffy" beard and a white female.

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