Friday, September 05, 2014

AZ:47-Year-Old Widow Shoots 20-Year-Old who Broke in, Beat Her

We're hearing for the first time the 911 recording of the moments when a west Phoenix woman, huddled in her bathroom, confronted and shot a man charged with breaking into her home. She was on the phone with 911 before, during, and after the shooting till officers arrived.

Investigators say the 47-year-old homeowner did everything right, by calling 911, arming herself and hiding. On the recording, we hear the frightening ordeal play out.

The break-in and shooting happened May 6 near 67th Avenue and Indian School Road. Michael Lewis, 20, was arraigned in June after a month-long stay in the hospital, recovering from the gunshot.

The homeowner, a widow, told 12 News it was her late husband who taught her how to handle a .38-caliber handgun.

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