Friday, September 05, 2014

AZ:Open Carry at Kroger's (Fry's)

I had read about Moms Demanding Action's strident calling for a boycott of Kroger's over MDA's dislike of the exercise of the second amendment.  I had also read the new media's urging to show support for Kroger's polite reply that the MDA's should mind their own business.   Of course, political manipulation is the MDA's business... and that runs exactly contrary to the limits on government that allow for toleration of others.

So I stopped at Fry's and filled up the tank.   I was open carrying, as I usually am in Arizona, especially at this time of year.  Opening day of dove season reached 112 degrees.   I and a young friend had shot some dove, and I needed to pick up some potatoes, garlic, onions, and carrots to go with the dove that I was going to cook.   I shop at Fry's on a semi-regular basis and have never had any problem open carrying there.   This time I decided to take a picture to help enlighten those who are not fortunate enough to live in Arizona.   I believe the temperature was 106 when I walked in the door.

I asked the first passerby, a lady, to take my picture and to be sure that the Fry's sign on the ice machine was visible.   She was happy to help out.   I gave her a card and told her that I wrote a blog.

The clerk, bagger, and I conversed for a few moments on the weather, dove hunting, and the relatively low number of birds that most hunters were seeing, in spite of increased bag limits.    Both of them regretted that they had not been able to get out to the field yet.  I gave them a card as well.   Neither Joe nor I had got close to a bag limit, but we did not worry about it.

Open carry has come a long way since we intensified the push to exercise our rights in the late 80's and 90's.   I suspect that trajectory will be followed in other states as well.

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Anonymous said...

Why do you have your firearm at 4 oclock? I carry between 2-3. I been to many OC picnics, demonstrations, and never seen Oc at 4 oclock? thanks. Carry On

Anonymous said...

Obvious answer is because he could!

Dean Weingarten said...

Habit. It is the same position that I carry concealed. Switch to concealment is simply untucking the shirt.

When driving, I often carry cross-draw at about 10 o'clock. More comforatble, less seatbelt interference.