Wednesday, June 22, 2016

1984 Answers to a 2016 Question (Orwellian Satire)

 1984 is a famous distopian novel about the future.  It was written by George Orwell in 1949. 

On the forum, a participant asked these questions about the possible effects of disarming the population:

There are other pressing questions. 1) Once all privately guns disappear into the government black hole, will there be no longer any need for law enforcement officers? 2) Once we’re all safe from private gun ownership, what will constitute our primary means of protection and defense, and what reason is there to believe it will be any more effective than the government protection industry today?
I put on my Orwellian hat and typed these replies.

As a good party member, you know there are two truths (sometimes more) that must always be concurrently believed. One truth for the masses, another for the party, and sometimes another for the party leadership, that only they are capable of bearing.
Here are the truths that apply:

Will there be any need for law enforcement officers?

This applies to the masses and the party:

Of course! How can you doubt it? There will be many more crimes to enforce, not to mention thought crime and dedicated service to running re-education centers! Law enforcement does great service for the party!

This applies to the party leadership:

We will need many more loyal law enforcement to enforce these edicts. We also need to purge existing law enforcement of those who do not fully support the program without thought. Replacements should be from loyal party members only.

What will be our primary means of defense?

For the masses - The benevolent government has always been your primary means of defense. Now that evil gun owners have been disarmed, the government will defend you by making certain that all crime thinkers will be placed in re-education centers for the benefit of society. Any resistance to redistribution of wealth will be vigorously punished. If you do not possess any excess property, if you are not white and have been a loyal party member, you have nothing to fear.

For the Party - You will be protected. As a loyal party member you may be allowed to have weapons. Your party loves you.

For the Party leaders - Your security details will be increased. You now are at slight risk while the last bitter clingers show their true colors and are eliminated. Do not believe the false reports of assassinations. The situation is under complete control.

Will it be more effective than the government protection industry today?

For the Mass - Be careful. This is close to crime think. The government is always benevolent, always responsible, and always improving. There is no other truth.

For the Party - When you see this question, you know you are dealing with a latent crime think. Check their tax records very closely. Put them on one of the appropriate lists.

For the Party leadership - You already know that your security has been improved. The more guns that are removed from outside government hands, the more that you are secure. Pay no attention to rumors of bitter clingers in the area near you. The situation is completely under control.

 ©2016 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice is included.
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Anonymous said...

If California continues to disarm, there will be nothing to stop an invasion from the west coast until you get to Arizona and Nevada. the only reason Japan never invaded the west cost is because of the arms in the hands of civilians. According to the news China is building an invasion force for some where. If Obama is successful in destroying our currency and our economy What would stop China from invading us ? Obama is keeping our troops deployed everywhere but here His Muslim and illegal alien armies are just about in place. Once he gets NATO and/or UN troops on our soil they will be here to stay to enforce his martial law and he will have his indefinite third term. Islamist wiping out gays in Orlando will be nothing to what China will do to California. Maybe California should reconsider their disarming laws. the only thing California will be good for is the 250-300 miles the Chinese will have to cross before we can start stopping them. with the rate the California forests are being burned there will not be much to stop their invasion force with tanks and other armor. the major coastal cities would be in ruin in just a few hours. Tanks would be driving over civilians leaving the area. the Chinese will not care if you are an illegal alien, gay or Islamist or straight or liberal. UN and NATO troops will shoot anything they are told to. It will certainly be a too late wake up call for those morons in Sacramento.

I have been saying for years that the second amendment is a national right that travels with every American wherever they go in this country and that no state has the right to infringe anymore than the federal government does. If Obama destroys our economy and our currency the second amendment is all that the civilians have to work with. I'm sure the Chinese have plenty of fully automatic weapons and AK 47s use 30 to 50 round magazines and plenty of ammo carriers I saw the 50 round magazines in Vietnam. the Chinese make some really good fully automatic weapons and they love their RPGs In Vietnam they launched their B-40s off of bamboo half pipes. Most of the Californians will be reduced to world war one type weapons, bolt action hunting rifles. good weapons when the other side does not have much better weapons.

How many wonderfully developed swimming beach exist on the California cost making perfectly great amphibious landing craft accesses? How long was the beach at Normandy for D-day the 6th of June 1944 when the allied forces invaded Europe I think it was about the size of Balboa, right next to Huntington and that is just two of the many. Of course this will never happen or will it?

If it should happen, do you think China would come in by its self or would it miss the chance to show us how well the last several presidents have taught the world how to put together coalitions? Now just think about the number of enemies we all ready have here. When will our next Jihadist attack happen? or the next illegal alien rally and riot go down? I could go on for several pages but I just wanted to give some of you some food for thought. I think the value and the importance of the second amendment has never been greater. One more thought, the Chinese have no interest in taking prisoners. they will kill everything that moves. I have seen their work.

Wireless.Phil said...

The movie was good too, but a bit strange:

Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984) - IMDb

1984 George Orwell - Full Movie - Hollywood best Greatest blockbuster movie Film
(With commercial breaks)

Wireless.Phil said...

The movie I mentioned was made in 1984, the link I pasted was the movie from 1956.

Anonymous said...

You know what else is orwellian?
Being forced to support Trump or you get tossed out.
Welcome to 1984, Freerepublic, you have indeed arrived.

Trump openly supports government holding the power of permission over everyone's second amendment rights. In the past he operated under that premise to support the banning of rifles. Today, he wants to "allow" those who pay their poll taxes and their government fees to get permission slips - and he even goes so far as to liken the right to keep and bear arms to being licensed to drive a car. Trump is a GUN CONTROLLER. Period. He always has been and always will be.

That is how far FreeRepublic has now fallen. It has been reduced to supporting a gun controller, rather than step up to the plate and oppose his rights violating ways, they support him and toss aside those who told the truth about this. They have decided to support evil, trying to justify it by saying they are supporting the lesser evil. Aheeemm. That is the very premise that infected the republican party in the first place. That is the choice that brought us the RINO problem in the first place.

FreeRepublic has lost its way. Must be some pretty reliable donors for that to have happened.....or none of it was ever real to begin with.

As you ponder just deleting this post, and I know you are thinking exactly that, please consider this - pretending a problem doesn't exist only ensures it will remain a problem. Only by truthfully exposing a problem can we even begin to solve it, to fix it.

Dean Weingarten said...

Trump is to a certain extent, an unknown quantity as a politician. People can say many things. We have seen people claim to be "for" the Second Amendment, only to find that they mean they would allow certain select people join the National Guard.

Trump has the most pro-Second Amendment postions of any Republican nominee for the presidency, ever. We cannot know how many of those promises he will keep; his associates claim that he keeps his promises.

His opponent openly discusses ways to destroy any effective Second Amendment protections by her appointments to the Supreme Court.

Those are the choices we face. Or people can choose to withdraw from politics and accept what others choose.

Anonymous said...

Well Charlton Hesston said it best. out of my cold dead hands. If every gun owner takes out two gun grabbers there should be plenty gun owners to drag the bodies off.
If the gun grabbing ever starts in earnest it is going to be a bloody mess. ever think about the issue clearly. the gun grabbers will use armed people to do the collecting. It will create an excellent opportunity to upgrade your weapons.

Dean Weingarten said...

The plan is to do it piecemeal, over generations, as they did in England. I believe they have failed.

The Republican revolt in 1994 was the turning point.

Armed groups of enforcers are already collecting weapons in California. But they do it quietly, as individuals are ruled to be prohibited possessors, one by one.

They do not break down doors, and there has not been a single gunfight.

Massive gun collection all at once is a fantasy.

Anonymous said...

Dean, Trump promises to "protect the Second Amendment". As he views that as being a permission for government to allow and disallow - something he has written down plainly, he can then 'protect" that government power over the Second Amendment, including placing judges who view it the same way, and he will have "kept his promises".

And you are gonna be happy with that, because "he kept his promises"?

He is outright lying to your face, and you are trying to rationalize it away, to justify voting for the very thing you claim to oppose.

Go ahead, support that fella who said plainly ON TELEVISION that he supported BANNING RIFLES.
Good luck living with that one, partner.

Anonymous said...

Trump is not as dumb as the above poster is claiming. I think Trump knows he will not last long if he falls on his face over gun control. We may have to start an effort to require all golf clubs to be no more than six inches long. people have been killed with golf clubs. How about a licensed tire iron, would he want to have to wait for an hour or two for someone with a licensed tire iron to come out and change a tire on his car.? people have been killed with unlicensed tire irons. he might have to wait for someone with a licensed jack handle to come out. the licensed tire iron holder may not qualify for a jack handle license. concentrate on the basic issue, the 26 words of the second amendment do not define what arms are. the words barrel length or type of action are not in the 26 words of the second amendment.

Anonymous said...

I think I might have to start marketing gun rights supporters intelligence suppositories. reading glasses do not seem to help.

Anonymous said...

There are several issues to consider here. I think I would prefer confronting the gun grabbers rather than those that want to dissolve our state and national borders. they are probably from the same camp but let us handle the worst first.