Saturday, June 25, 2016

CA: Intruder Shot in Leg

On June 22nd , 2016 at about 1900 hours officers responded to the area of the 300 block of 1st Avenue in Rio Dell for a report of a subject who had been shot. The gunshot victim was located and medical assistance provided for a non-life-threatening gunshot wound to the subjects leg. The subject was transported via ambulance to Redwood Memorial Hospital.

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Wireless.Phil said...


Everything 3D printed now:
Unbelievable what they are printing and there is even a 5D printer.

Wireless.Phil said...

Know your enemies!

Here Are the Senators Who Just Voted Against Closing Gun-Purchase Loopholes
Blog-Slate Magazine (blog)-Jun 20, 2016

Anonymous said...

Do you need permission to buy a car or a news paper, No , Why? because the federal constitution does not permit the government to tell what you can buy. In fact the constitution for bids the government to force you to pay more than 20 dollars for anything without an individual trial and conviction. Remember when the FCC stole our right to the airways and forced everyone to buy TV converters. then had to give vouchers so that the converters would not cost more than 20 dollars????? the reason the government could not get away with stealing our airways to sell to private concerns was the constitutional mandate preventing the government from forcing anyone to spend more than 20 dollars. read the constitution prove what I am saying for yourself is true. the government never owned the airways and had no right to sell them to private concerns. Airways are not government property. Under our constitution the government actually owns nothing, it only manages what belongs to the people. Everything the government claims it owns is purchased with out money. everything belongs to we the people. Federal land is not owned by the government it is managed by the government. BLM is the Bureau of Land Management not the agency of land ownership. the government can not sell land it can issue zoning use permits or put the land up for homestead. Once the land is homesteaded it can charge cost for transfer paperwork. are we going to get our constitution back or not?

Anonymous said...

Voting against gun purchase loop holes is a good thing. Government should not have any control over who buys or where they buy it or from whom they buy it, Who does not understand the word INFRINGEMENT? show me the words loop hole in the 26 words of the second amendment. Show me the words open or concealed in the 26 words of the second amendment. Show me the words trigger lock or gun safe in the 26 words of the second amendment. Now show me the word age in the 26 words of the second amendment. the second amendment was written to be very concise and limited. It stands alone all by its self and was written for the very purpose to prevent government from having any say in the right to keep and bear arms. the tenth amendment makes it very clear the second amendment is a federal right and the states have no power to interfere with the federally guaranteed right for every citizen. read the tenth amendment until you understand what it says. It separates federal constitutional authority from that of states authority. the second amendment is not a states rights issue. Once we get enough intelligent people to read the United States Constitution we just might start making progress in restoring our rights. I'm certainly tired of idiots expressing uninformed opinions. the words in the law are what have the power of enforcement. opinions are not worth ant piss.

Anonymous said...

Here is a good one , show me the words gun show rules and regulations in the 26 words of the second amendment!!!!!