Friday, June 24, 2016

Disputed Heirs Want to Destroy $5 Million of Legal Guns and Ammo for Political Statement

On a segment of ABC News, a lawyer for the disputed heirs of a mystery man claim to want five million dollars of his estate destroyed, to make a political statement.

Jeffrey Lash legally accumulated 1,500 guns and six and a half tons of ammunition, valued at more than 5 million dollars.  He likely got most of his money from the women in his life, including his fiancee of 17 years.

His estranged cousins from Los Angeles wish to have that part of the estate destroyed to make a political statement.

Several woman who lived with Jeffrey Alan Lash are involved in litigation over the estate.  The prime candidate seems to be  Catherine Nebron, who was Lash' fiancĂ©e. Her lawyer says that Lash manipulated Nebron and essentially held her captive while she financed his endeavors.  At least two other women were involved with Lash. From
Family members set to inherit a stockpile of guns and ammunition, worth millions of dollars, plan to destroy the weapons "to send a message," their attorney Daniel Brookman told ABC News today.
"They want these instruments of death to be destroyed," Brookman said. "They don’t want these weapons out on the street."
Jeffrey Lash' fiancee, Catherine Nebron, has stated that she has the legal right to sell the 5 million dollars worth of firearms and ammuniton.  From
According to Brookman, Lash's stockpile was worth an estimated $5 million.

A year after an autopsy said Lash died at 60 years old from natural causes, Los Angeles police said he legally purchased the firearms.

Nebron's lawyer claims now they were hers to sell.

"They can be sold through the Department of Justice and may be sold to police departments, but there is no point in destroying them," Nebron's lawyer Harland Braun said.
The story reminds me of Solomon's famous decision involving the two prostitutes who both claimed one baby.  He found the true mother by saying that he would devide the infant in two and give a half to each.  The mother said no, and Soloman used her affection to determine that she was the true mother.

All of the firearms were legally purchased.  Destroying them does nothing but enrich arms manufacturers. If they are destroyed, more will be manufactured, instead of satisfying that demand with firearms that already exist.

Could the cousins and/or their lawyer be hoping to cash in on the current politically correct furor over mass shootings? The lawyer stated that the mass shootings were important for their decision.  Might they hope that a politically correct judge will be more sympathetic to their politically correct views?

Who can know the human heart.  I am no Solomon.

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Wireless.Phil said...

Stupid people!

Anonymous said...

I think they should donate them to my disposal business. I would be glad to see them properly disposed of even if I have to build a new room for them to be kept in until my equipment is ready.