Monday, June 27, 2016

Followup UK: MP Murder was Political Act

Early reports, as they often are, turned out to be wrong. The MP, Mrs. Cox, did not intervene in a scuffle between two men. Her assailant did shout "Britain First". He said that the attack was political. He appears to be deranged, as the attack was used (as would be expected by a sane person) to discredit the "Leave" vot on BREXIT. The leave vote prevailed in spite of his actions.

At the scene, the attacker carried on stabbing Mrs Cox, causing her to fall to the ground. He was then seen taking a gun from his black bag and shooting her three times.

Witnesses said Mair had shouted, “Britain first, keep Britain independent, Britain always comes first, this is for Britain”.

Mrs Cox was pronounced dead at 1.48pm. A post-mortem recorded that she died from multiple stab and gunshot wounds.

Yesterday it emerged that two unarmed police officers found the suspect in a nearby cul-de-sac.

Witnesses said the cops shouted at him to drop the bag and he then stood still with his arms outstretched. He was heard to say, “It’s me,” as he as the officers approached and handcuffed him.

Mair was also said to have told cops he was a “political activist” after his arrest. He was carrying ammunition, a modified .22 rifle with sawn-off barrel and a knife.
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Anonymous said...

I could not be happier about the Brexit vote. MSN is pushing stories to degrade it. We know MSN is made up of the worthless globalist types and the NWO trash. the elitists got their hat handed to them. they were so sure the vote would go the other way they actually sponsored the voting process well they had their democratic voting effort and lost now they want to bitch and complain and are calling for a second vote. what happens if they loose the second vote will they accept the best three votes out of five? the results are in live with it. this vote will effect several issues around the world and set the NWO back decades. Bathroom Barry must be having a shit fit. the congressional elite may have stopped throwing up by now, maybe not. the stock market got more than a manipulated correction. If you understand Briton politics the labor party equals our democratic party and the torries are the republicans the labor party did not want to leave and the republicans/torries thought they would lock things down both parties were shocked at the popular vote. People around the world are damn tired of the communists trying to run everything. makes no difference what they re label anything it is communism. Guns and ammo are the only security anyone has. It will get a lot worse before it gets better.