Saturday, June 18, 2016

Ken Emanuelson says:

If you really want to understand how stupid and silly things have gotten in the gun control debate, keep in fact that the Administration is now SIMULTANEOUSLY:

A. Denouncing the availability of SMALL-caliber semi-automatic non-military rifles (e.g., .223 AR-15s) to civilians while

B. Actively selling LARGE-caliber semi-automatic military surplus rifles (e.g., .30-06 M1 Garland's) to civilians.

I'm in favor of the Civilian Marksmanship Program, by which the government sells surplus military rifles to civilians, but if military guns are a problem, why is the government selling them?


Wireless.Phil said...

That's alright, they also come in 308.

Anonymous said...

Please don't spread this around too much. If it gets to the right or wrong people (whichever) all of a sudden it will dawn on them to pull the plug on the sale of surplus arms to the public. You are right in that a 30-06 is a lot more powerful than a .223, but the gun banners don't know that either.


Anonymous said...

Personally I would be concerned that the weapons may have been weakened or tampered with. there are many ways to destroy a gun and not notice the damage.