Monday, June 13, 2016

Followup WA:Police Investigate Pasco Shooting

It appears that Yeates was drunk.

Travis F. Yeates, 34, of Kennewick, was shot at 5619 Austin Drive about 2:30 a.m., according to investigators.

“The investigation is focusing on whether the shooting will be justified or not,” police wrote in a Facebook post.

Pasco police Capt. Ken Roske said the homeowner Corey Chapman called 911 about a man pounding on the front door and as officers arrived Chapman told dispatchers that the man had gotten inside.

Police heard a gunshot and found Yeates dead inside the house. Roske confirmed that Chapman fired the shot.

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Anonymous said...

that guy shouldve had a gun. Look at his record!!!!!
Assaults w/ intent to injure... MUTLIPLE ASSAULTS! guy has been arrested like 15 times in 20 years. he's shown time and time agin that he has anger issues.