Saturday, June 18, 2016

NH: Veteran Car Dealer Cashes in On Popularity of AR15 rifles

A New Hampshire business is cashing in on the high popularity of the AR15 style rifles. Owner Mike Hagan is a combat vet of Afghanistan.  His company offers a veterans' discount as well.  He isn't intimidated by political correctness. From
Owner Mike Hagan, of Hagan's Motor Pool Auto Repair and Sales, told Fox25 that several people have taken him up on the deal so far.

“I have given away four AR-15s and one 9mm handgun, which is the other option if you don't want the AR-15,” he said.

Hagan has partnered with a nearby gun store for the promotion.

“They go to the dealer and pass their background check. If they don't pass they don't get the weapon it's that's simple,” he said.
Using popular and desirable items as a value added means of attracting customers is as old as trade.  Those who see opportunities and are willing to act on them are rewarded. 

The revelation that Hagan's Motor Pool is offering AR15 rifles with their vehicles has turned into a marketing bonanza for the company.  It is getting advertising that it could not buy for millions of dollars. 

The story is being covered at, in the Boston in Pittsburgh, the Union Leader in New Hampshire, on,  across the nation, and internationally.

Over half of paying customers in the United States associate guns with safety.  Hagan is going to bring in a lot of paying customers.  People who despise guns tend to be clustered in urban centers, and many are not interested in owning vehicles.

It is likely luck that Mike Hagan's promotion hit at a time when the media is pushing gun control as hard as it can. Promotions like this take preparation, coordination, and planning. Things veterans learn to do well. But luck is often defined as the moment that preparedness meets opportunity. 

Both have come together for Hagan's Motor Pool.

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Wireless.Phil said...

Every news org is running the story and running scared!

I could have swore it was ABC news this morning that scrolled across the bottom of the screen that it as a New Jersey car dealer.