Thursday, June 16, 2016

A Time to Fight for Freedom and the Constitution

In 2012, nearly four years ago, after the shooting at Sandy Hook, the future of the Republic and the Constitution looked dim. We had seen a President who disdained the Constitution, who flaunted his power, who had the media on his side and a Congress that conspired with him, be re-elected. This happened in spite of numerous scandals that should have resulted in his impeachment.

It appeared the seeds of severe European type gun control were going to pass Congress. Leaders among Second Amendment supporters were grim. Some said that we could not win. Some claimed that the best we could do was to compromise and hope to mitigate the damage. They were wrong. It took enormous hard work. It took determination and guts. But we won.

The Gun Owners of America were steadfast. The NRA held firm. No more infringements on the Second Amendment. Tens of millions of activists across the nation made our case in emails, tweets, essays, comments, and discussion boards. We sent overwhelming numbers of phone calls and emails to our representatives. We were right and we won. No more infringements were passed in Congress. A couple of Democrat states, financed with Bloomberg money, fortified with dirty tricks, passed some evil measures in a couple of states. Patriots have steadfastly refused to comply. In a dozen other states, Second Amendment freedoms are being restored.

Now we face another daunting battle. This time, the odds have improved. We removed some weak sisters in the Congress who claimed to be on our side. The President who wants us disarmed has seven months in office, not another four years. The presumed Republican nominee, Donald Trump, has made support of the Second Amendment a major theme in his campaign. Just as important, the old media cartel has been weakened. Many people see how it has been advancing its agenda with lies and through manipulation. It is not as hard for a majority to understand how much we have been lied to and mislead. For the first time in 50 years, a majority of Americans equate guns with safety instead of fear. Since 2012, 50 million guns have been added to the private stock in the United States.

It makes absolutely no sense, after a successful Islamic terror attack that killed 49 people and wounded 53 more, to call for the disarmament of Americans. Yet that is exactly what Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton are calling for.

The rifles they want to take from us are precisely those most protected by the Constitution. Rifles that are the most useful for spontaneous citizen militias, as expected by the Second Amendment.

They are the type of firearm that is least used to murder. Twice as many people are killed with hands and feet as are killed with rifles in the United States. Of all the murders in the United States, only 2% are committed with rifles. Sport utility rifles, that the President and the Democrat nominee with to ban, are only a fraction of those. They are about 10-20 percent of the rifles in the country, and are increasing in popularity daily.

Sport utility rifles are they most popular rifles in the last 10 years. They are selling like Ice Cream on a hot August day in Florida. They are semi-automatics, similar to rifles that have been sold for a hundred years. They are the rifles that the present administration and Democrat candidate want to take from you.

It is time to fight; not with rifles but with words. I pray that we never have to fight with the rifles. It is far better if we win with words. We have the facts, the culture, and the Constitution on our side. We are winning this fight, but we have to fight if we are going to win. Similar to the horror attack in Orlando, if we do not fight back we lose.

You can and must join the fight. See an article that claims that guns are not useful for self defense? Make a comment. There are plenty of facts available on the Internet for you to use. Hear that your Congresscritter is waffling? Let them know that you will not tolerate it.

Be polite; it empowers your words more than cussing or other angry rhetoric. See that an entertainer or commercial enterprise has bowed down to political correctness and the two minute hate of Second Amendment supporters? Let them know that you will not support them. Be polite. It is a force multiplier.

Use sarcasm, cartoons, humor, and satire. Our opponents need to be laughed at.

Use social media to spread the truth. Do not let the disarmists take over the means of communication, as they have in the past.

Yes, it is a tough fight. Yes, our adversaries have money, power, the major media, and the power of fraud and lies.

We can beat them. We have done it before. But, we will not beat them if we do not fight!

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Anonymous said...

The other side of the coin is never covered in the major media. the shooting in Orlando simply prove that gun free zones kill people. If 5 or 6 concealed carriers had returned fire that shooter would have not had time to kill so many.

Anonymous said...

I'm not really concerned about gun control any more. I have made up my mind to the fact that they will not get my guns until I am out of ammo or dead. if dead I no longer need theme. If I just run out of ammo, they will need a new crew for the next effort. sooner or later they will run out of gun grabbers. If I'm dead then I am on my way to heaven. onward Christian soldiers.

Anonymous said...

I always love the 'Rodney King Korean photo".
See the fella who has his firearm pointing right at his buddy to his right, as he looks toward something else?

I have never seen anyone point that out before, so I just thought I would share.

To the point - I love the way you finished off this piece -
We cannot WIN if we do not fight.
The place to start is to refuse to beg for permission slips. If we concede to permission slips then we have lost right out of the gate. Permission slips make us pawns, nothing more.