Sunday, June 26, 2016

Followup AK: No Charges for Ole Larson in Shooting of Codey Tallman

Larson told Tallman to stop and Tallman shoved him, troopers said at the time. Tallman later knocked Larson to the ground, and Larson followed him into some woods, where Tallman knocked him down again, they said. When Larson started calling troopers, Tallman hit him.

That's when Larson "removed a .38 caliber handgun from his (pocket) and advised Tallman he was armed and told him to stop," according to a trooper's report. Tallman charged and Larson shot him in the leg.
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Wireless.Phil said...


This was also on Fox, but I dislike them.

Hawaii enacts first state law in US to place gun owners in database
CNN‎ - 4 hours ago

Wireless.Phil said...

What idiot cop would take a firearm into interrogation room alone with a violent prisoner?

This idiot!

Cincinnati suspect goes for officer's gun in interrogation room

KABC-TV-11 hours ago

It all began when a police officer walked into an interrogation room ... started to adjust that cuff, Robinson locked eyes on the officer's gun.