Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Orlando Massacre at the Pulse: Trapped in Bathrooms

It has been alleged that the Islamic shooter at the Orlando massacre had been there several times before.  He was likely scouting the place as a target.  One of the things he would have noticed were the limited exits. The shooter is said to have entered at the main entrance, where the green circle is.  The blue arrows point to the exits. The heavy black blobs on the outer perimeter of the diagram are the entrances and exits.

The main entrances are down at the bottom of the diagram.  The main entrances go into the foyer with the green circle. There is an exit, separated by a short wall, very close to it on the left.  A window is directly below the blue arrow tip.  The entrances are to the small foyer, with only one door on the left leading inside.

A shooter located at the bottom center blue arrow commands all exits and entrances.

The top blue arrow points to the back exit.  Some escaped this way, but that exit was then blocked by a fleeing patron. He feared the shooter would come out and shoot people who were blocked by exiting the alley by a fence. The blue arrow on the right points to the patio exit. Some escaped out that exit.  Those that fled to the bathrooms (left side of the diagram) were trapped, with no way out.  Note the extremely short distances.  The furthest distance that the shooter could see a patron would have been about 84 ft.  Most would have been much closer.

This harrowing account has been given by someone who claimed to be the only survivor from one of the bathrooms. Norman is said to be the survivor who is relating his account to a woman friend. From the nypost.com:
“[Norman] was in a bathroom stall with 30 other people, and those 30 other people are deceased. He is the only one that lived,” she said.


“When he laughed, he took his gun and sprayed under the bathroom stall and on top of the bathroom stall, so then the bodies started collapsing and blood was going everywhere in the handicapped stall, 30 people squished in there getting shot,” Ventura said.

“He was laughing like he was making fun of the victims.”

“Then Norman had to climb over the bodies to try to climb on top,” she continued. “He said it was just horrific. While he was getting shot, he felt the shots coming into his skin, he felt the warmth of it and he thought he was going to die.”
If the account is correct, most of the deaths occurred in the bathrooms, where people had nowhere to run.  Jamming people into a handicapped stall only made it worse.  The hostages were reportedly held in one of the bathrooms.

When you enter a venue, look for the exits and remember where they are.  If you have to flee, go to an exit.  Do not get trapped in a dead end.

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Wireless.Phil said...

News reports that the shooter had visited there several times and was talking to people and hugging them.

Now wonder if he may of had sex with any of them and got HIV?

Wireless.Phil said...

Hillary calls the AR-15 "a weapon of war".
We all know it is not a full automatic weapon of war!

PBS reporter called the AR a "heavy Weapon"
An AR style weapon is not a heavy weapon.

NBC Today show said "we" the American people can go into a gun store and "buy an AR-15 with no waiting period".

In Florida that may be true, but that is not true in most of the rest of the USA, there is a waiting period!

On the main Euronews page they say in two different articles that he was connected to ISIS and that he wasn't connected to ISIS..

Profile of Orlando gunman Omar Mateen

Wireless.Phil said...

From the blog MypetJawa:

Omar The Gay Muslim Mateen
Turns out Omar was totally possessed by a Gay Jinn.

Orlando shooter's classmate: He was gay

A former classmate of Omar Mateen, the gunman who killed 49 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando, believed the 29-year-old killer was gay.

A man who was in the same 2006 police academy class as Mateen told the Palm Beach Post that Mateen once asked him out romantically and said they had spent time together at gay nightclubs after classes at the Indian River Community College police academy.


Wireless.Phil said...

I don't think the survivor was shot. If he was, he wouldn't have been on TV yesterday talking about it unless it was a minor flesh wound.

Anonymous said...

Well that crappy Muslim would have to have been an AC DC model because there is a report that his girl friend has said she tried to stop him. My question would be if she tried to stop him why didn't she call the police and make a report? seems to me she would be guilty too.

Anonymous said...

To "waiting periods" -
First, this incident proves yet again that determined shooters will just comply with three or ten day periods. This loon did and so did the Virginia Tech fool and so did the Church shooter and so did batman shooter. Gee, a pattern. That means the only ones hammered by the delay are regular folks buying and selling arms, as is their right!

Second, we have to look at the reality. If waiting periods stand for arms, then they can stand for books, computers, printers, inkpens, Bibles and even any kind of gathering from church service to protest/contest.

There is no permissible power under the Constitution afforded to government to impose "waiting periods" for RIGHTS. Period. In fact, imposing them is actually plainly prohibited because it constitutes and infringement AND and abridgement, neither of which can be grounded in government authority.