Monday, June 20, 2016

Senator Murphy Reveals "Slippery Slope" Strategy on ABC's "This Week"

Senator Chris Murphy, anti-Second Amendment plotter

On ABC This Week, June 19, Senator Chris Murphy revealed what Second Amendment supporters have said was the anti-Second Amendment strategy all along.  Pass incremental infringements on the Second Amendment until nothing is left that means anything.  That is why anti-Second Amendment plotters push so hard on legislation that seems unrelated to the current terrorist atrocity.

They use it as an emotional vehicle for other legislation they normally could not pass.  In the interview, ABC's Jon Karl is questioning Senator Chris Murphy from Connecticut. From the ABC transcript:
KARL: -- there's these proposals. Your proposal would've done nothing in the case of Orlando. It would've done nothing to stop the killing in San Bernardino and in fact was -- is unrelated to the killing in Newtown.

So why -- I mean, why -- I mean, why are we focusing on things that have nothing to do with the massacres that we are responding to? 
This is a perfectly logical question.  Why is Murphy focusing on this? His answer is instructive.
MURPHY: Well, so first of all, we can't get into that trap. I disagree. I think if this proposal had been into effect, it may have stopped this shooting. 

But we can't get into the trap in which we are forced to defend our proposals simply because it didn't stop the last tragedy. We should be making our gun laws less full of Swiss cheese holes so that future killings don't happen. That trap is an impossible one.
No, it is not an impossible one.  If the Senator were dealing honestly, he could explain it.  If it would have helped somewhere else, he could make the argument elsewhere. 

The argument of the anti-Second Amendment lobby is that if the government controlled all access to guns, and strictly limited them, then terrorists could not get them, or at least it would be harder.  But that kind of control has failed, massively, all over the world, just as it did in France, in Norway, in Belgium, in Brazil, in Mexico, in Jamaica, in South Africa, in Puerto Rico, in the UK.

The plan guts Second Amendment rights, allowing for incremental confiscation over time, just as has happened in England and Wales.

Murphy continues, explaining that the Sandy Hook massacre is being used to push for unrelated infringements on the Second Amendment.
The Sandy Hook families lobby for background checks.

You know why?

Because they're just as concerned with the young men and women who are dying in our cities because of the flow of illegal guns as they are about a ban on assault weapons or high magazine clips that might have prevented the Newtown killing.

So this has to be broader than just responding to the tragedy that happened three days ago.
Except, there are no facts to support that contention.

The terrorist Watch list legislation is particularly dangerous. It sets the precedence that a person's Second Amendment rights can be stripped from them without due process by bureaucratic fiat.  There is no appeal process.  You do not know your rights have been lost until you attempt to exercise them.  It is an anti-Second Amendment schemer's dream because anyone they dislike can be put on the list, secretly.  The list can be expanded overnight to include whole groups of people.  It is a Constitutional nightmare.

The components that the anti-Second Amendment plotters are attempting to put in place are all peices of a machine that ends up destroying Second Amendment rights.

Ban people on the Watch List from owning guns. That establishes the power to strip people's Second Amendment rights from them without due process or even notification.

Universal Background Checks - Make it illegal for anyone to obtain a firearm without asking government permission, which is subject to the Watch list.

Universal Gun Registration - No gun to be legally owned unless the government knows who has it, who is allowed access to it, and where it is stored.

Mandatory notification of lost or stolen guns - Makes it legally difficult to resist incremental gun confiscation. Incremental gun confiscation has been common where universal registration has been implemented.  It has already taken place in California and NY. 

If you are not able to turn the registered gun in, you will have committed a crime and be subject to prosecution.  As more atrocities happen, more guns are declared illegal,  and/or it becomes more expensive to keep them, until there are none left.  It might take decades, but it happened in England and Wales.

All of Senator Murphy's pieces of legislation fit into an overall scheme to destroy Second Amendment rights over time.  He cannot argue for them all together. The intent would be too clear. The package could never pass the Congress. 

Incrementally, bit by bit, using the latest crime to push for unrelated legislation, they could be put in place.  That has been the plan for 50 years.  Precursor legislation, such as the 1968 gun control act, and the national instant background check system are already there.  They do nothing to actually reduce crime, but they enable future incremental steps to destroy Second Amendment rights.

50 years ago, anti-Second Amendment potters were open about their strategy.  Now they know they have to use lies and subterfuge. 

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Anonymous said...

The reason I got out of the sporting goods business was because of the continually increasing regulations. The reason smokeless powder was invented was because it is so much safer than black powder. Now you have to have a walk in vault to store smokeless powder. before you had to have the black powder locked in a safe. all that did was create a bomb with extremely hazardous results if the business caught fire. If smokeless powder catches fire it just fizzles out according to its burning rate. Black power has no burning rate it simply explodes all at the same time. the simple fact is anyone can make black powder. black powder can be used in modern weapons but smokeless powder can not be used in black powder weapons. One problem is there are too many idiots trying to make things safer and do not know what is actually safe. they have no knowledge of how guns work or much of anything else concerning guns. basically they are just chicken shit, ignorant, bastard, cowards. the kind that would hire a body guard rather than defend themselves. The kind that would piss their pants if they raised their own voice. I have often though that a way to give those types a good lesson would be to beat the crap out of them until they at least try to defend themselves. it just might cause them to man up.

Anonymous said...

It has been my experience the reverse works well with bullies. the guys that are the bullies , once they get their butts whipped really good they usually stop being a bully. I walked away from one guy for a long time, I just did not want to hurt him, he took my walking away as a weakness until one day I gave him his chance to prove how tough he really was. six weeks later he was starting to eat solid food and was almost able to see out of one eye. and he was able to get out of bed without help. He never threatened to whip my chicken shit ass again. 50 witnesses testified that he hit me twice first. the cops refused to arrest him for assault, they said they did not want to pay his medical bills. called it self defense and mutual combat. all of the witnesses told the police that all I hit him with was my hands/fists.