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Why Have Mass Killing racheted up During the Obama Regime?

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There are two reasons why mass killings have increased during the Obama regime.  They have increased because the regime gives those killers what they want.  The cartoon illustrates these reasons.

These killings are rare.  They do not happen often.  There have been a cluster of them during President Obama's terms in office.  There are good reasons for that.

There are two types of mass killing that have occurred.  The first is the rampage killer.  These are accomplished by socially isolated mental cases, who hope to obtain a sort of immortality by killing as many people as possible. They want to "make the record book" and have "everybody know my name".  Those killings are the Gabbrielle Giffords shooting, the Aurora Theater attack, the Sandy Hook school killing, the Umpqua College shooting, and the Charleston Church shooting.  The biggest driver of those type of mass killings is media coverage of the events.

Media coverage of those events are over the top, because the major media see them as a way to implement gun control.   The media benefit from ratings and from politicization of the event.  The old media use these events to further their agenda to impose severe restrictions on gun ownership and use.  The restrictions called for often have no relationship to the mass killings committed.

The more coverage given to these events, the more likelyhood that another fragile ego will see them as a means to  fame and an end of their pain.  It is called the copycat effect, and is well documented.  The media know about it, but they do not care.  Getting their agenda advanced is more important than a few dozen lives.

The copycat effect has been demonstrated and documented over and over again.  Clayton Cramer wrote a paper on this in 1993.   It was published in a the Journal of Mass Media Ethics, 9:1 [Winter 1993-94].  It won First Place, Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Ethics Prize, 1993, Undergraduate Division.  It has been widely written about in other publications, such as the Wall Street Journal.   A book, The Copycat Effect, by Loren Coleman, was written in 2004.   It detailed simple strategies for mitigating the effect and reducing the number of these mass public killings.   They could be implemented without any significant chilling effect on the first amendment.

The second type of mass killing is the Islamist terrorist attack.  These are the Boston Marathon attack, the Fort Hood massacre, the Chattanooga recruit center attack, the Garland shooting (which was stopped), the San Bernadino massacre, and the Orlando Pulse Massacre. These attacks have been facilitated by the Obama administration for two reasons.  First, because the Islamicists see that they are winning.  They have advanced mightily in Libya and Syria.  The Americans left Iraq and are pulling out of Afghanistan.  ISIS built up in the vacume left by Barak Obama in Iraq.

 The failed "Arab Spring" policy of destabilized Libya, Syria, Egypt, and Iraq, while emboldening Iran,   Islamicists have established organizations and safe zones in the chaos created by the Obama regime policies.

Islamicist are not swayed by talk of fellowship, of how Christians are the real threat, and Islam is the religion of peace.  They see that talk as a sign of weakness. They believe that Allah has prepared their enemies for destruction.  By appearing and acting weakly, the Obama administration has greatly encouraged our radical Islamic enemies.

Successful Islamist attacks against America have multiplied under the Obama administration.  The Obama administration has sent signals, over and over again to the radical Islamist.  Those signals are that America is weak and ready for defeat.

Those are the two reasons why mass killings have increased in the last eight years.  Through its policies, the Obama administration has encouraged them.  Pushing for more gun control encourages the media to give more coverage to mass killings.  More coverage of mass killings encourages more mass killers.

Appear weak and facilitating to Islamic terrorists, and you encourage more Islamic terrorists.

Both types of killers look for soft targets where there will be little opposition.  The Obama administration has pushed for more gun free zones, and wants fewer people to be armed to defend themselves.  Those policies have not advanced, in spite of the administration's desires.

The rate of people being murdered in the United States has been at record low levels, some of the lowest in 50 years.  But 2016 may be a turning point.  The policies of the Obama administration have produced the Ferguson effect, where police officers are reluctant to police in inner cities.  The murder rate in the inner cities has bounded upward in response.

The number of people killed in mass killling is a small fraction of those murdered in the United States. It will have a small effect on the overall murder rate.  But add the Ferguson effect and the mass killings, and the murder rate in 2016 will increase.

Policies have consequences. The Obama regime is reaping the consequences of their polices. It will take years to undo the damage. It is sad that innocent people are dying as a result.

Armed citizens cannot completely stop mass killings, but they can reduce the casualties.  Here are over twenty cases where armed citizens stopped mass killers in their tracks.

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Anonymous said...

Frankly I think the case can be made to blame Gabby Gifford for her own injuries. self respecting Legal carriers would not have been at her rally. I think many people knew her stance on gun control. anyone wearing a neon sign makes a good target. Any sign like gun free zone makes you a good safe target. It is always easy to shoot when no duck and cover is required for return fire. anyone stupid enough to rush you bear handed is just making the shooting that much easier. a distant target requires aiming a close target is just point and shoot. when the shooting starts a concealed carrier can pick his shot from cover and surprise always has its advantages. Point in fact how many would have remained in the Orlando bar if the shooter had sent a note in five minutes before he started shooting? People gather in groups trying to get out of an exit, no space between targets no aiming needed. One bullet will pass through several people. best way to save ammo is to line up the people and only shoot when they stop falling down from the first bullet. Gabby Gifford just got what her kind want for everyone else. No self protection. well she had no self protection and she got what that results in. No one in her group was able to help or stop the shooter. It was not safe to carry, how safe does she feel now?