Thursday, June 16, 2016

Rob Morse: Socialists Cling to Their God and Their Religion After Terrorist Attack

The big government socialists just suffered another face full of failure. The mass murder by a terrorist in Orlando shook them.   The Socialist did what they always do.   Their answer is always more government and less freedom. Big government is their solution no matter what the problem. For a socialist, government is the god from which all things come. The Muslim murderer in Orlando is simply the latest example of Socialists clinging to their god and their religion.  Don’t expect the Socialists to change.
It isn’t easy being a religious Socialists.  Last week we saw a Democrat Muslim terrorize and murder hundreds of people in a gay nightclub.  The club in Orlando, Florida was a gun free zone. The gun free zone failed.
The murderer bought his guns legally.   Those firearms background checks failed. The murderer had been vetted several times by the FBI. The murderer was cleared each time he bought a gun.   The murderer was also cleared by the FBI during his security review that was required for his job. The murderer worked for a Department of Homeland Security contractor.   That is a bucket full of fail, and the gun grabbing, anti-rights bigots want more of the same.
The Obama Administration is blinded by political correctness. They can not and will not protect us. They simply use each failure as another call to their god of big government. Let me show you with example after example in their own words.
The evidence technicians were not done at the crime scene, and President Barack Obama called for more of the same. He called for more background checks for honest gun owners.  Those are the same background checks that failed in Orlando.   Those are the same background checks that failed at the Muslim terrorist murders in San Bernardino last Christmas.

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Jim Macklin said...

Excellent point about the failure of background checks failing. I will suggest that profiling during such a background check would have detected the killers father's jihadist web site.
Had the ex-wife called 911 a DV conviction would have put the killer on the prohibited list.

BUT I think the forces of evil want bloodbaths because that gives them more opportunities to push gun control for political purposes that have nothing to with crime prevention or public safety.

The NY Sullivan Law was written to promote crime by the gang of which Tim Sullivan was a leader, The Irish Five Points Gang. [See movie Gangs of New York] Tim wrote the law so he could deny a license for a handgun to anybody. with no reason or issue a license to his gang and associates. That became a pattern nationwide.

Sell the public on crime but protect criminals. It is still the same in all the "may issue state."