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Jo Cox (Murdered British MP) Suspect ordered Manual on Improvised Weapons

It is uncertain if the alleged attacker of MP Jo Cox, Thomas Mair, shouted "Britain First" as the MP was attacked and murdered.  The witness to the alleged shout appear to have recanted.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, a left wing hate group aligned with the Obama administration, has published a document showing that Thomas Mair had ordered an improvised weapons book from another left wing hate group, the National Alliance (NA). (In the 1930's the NAZIs were a mainstream leftist organization.) The competing leftist groups both supported much greater control of the economy by the government and severe restrictions on gun ownership.

The National Alliance did not want the restrictions on gun ownership put in place until they were in power. The SPLC is already aligned with the existing power structure.  From
According to records obtained by the Southern Poverty Law Center Mair was a dedicated supporter of the National Alliance (NA), the once premier neo-Nazi organization in the United States, for decades. Mair purchased a manual from the NA in 1999 that included instructions on how to build a pistol.
Two things are revealed by the document and the SPLC's access to it.

First, it shows the futility of attempting to remove guns from society.  In spite of draconian legal controls on guns and ammunition, it is likely the suspect was able to fabricate his own.   From the

 Police arrested a 52-year-old former psychiatric patient named locally as Tommy Mair. According to witnesses, Mrs Cox’s killer used either an antique or a home-made gun which he calmly reloaded between shots. As she lay bleeding to death, he repeatedly kicked her before walking away, having stabbed a 77-year-old man who tried to intervene.
Initial reports indicated that there were two shots, followed by one more. It is easier to make a single shot or double barrel gun than a multi-shot; which is why the "calmly reloaded" part is interesting.

MP Jo Cox is the first MP to be shot and killed in over 200 years.  The previous owner of that dubious honor was Prime Minister, Spencer Percival, who was shot and killed with a muzzleloading pistol in 1815.

Second is the question of where the SPLC obtained the document. It is unlikely that the National Alliance would hand over a copy of this document to their bitter rival, especially as the NA ceased operations in 2013.

Who keeps 17 year old records of commercial transactions from a defunct group?

The NA supported extreme political views.  I have little doubt that the CIA or the FBI, or the NSA, or perhaps some other governmental entity has been keeping copies of all correspondence produced by the NA.  This would include any overseas correspondence.

The SPLC has been a close advisor to the Obama administration.  It has become a common practice to leak such documents for political advantage.  The Obama administration is on record as vehemently opposing the separation of the UK from the European Union. Opponents of the separation referendum (Brexit) have attempted to use the murder of the MP to oppose the separation. The vote is scheduled to take place next Thursday, June 23rd.

Members of the public have expressed fear that orders of literature on improvised munitions, or any literature that might be disapproved of by the government, could result in them being "put on a list".  This document validates the concept that such records are kept.

I always assumed that overseas correspondence is copied; that overseas telephone calls are recorded, and that records are kept.  When I lived in Panama, it was prudent to make that assumption.

The ability to collect and store such documentation has increased by several orders of magnitude in the digital age.

I do not allow such knowledge to prevent me from acting.  It is another datum to take into consideration.  I do not say anything over the phone that I would not wish recorded; I do not send anything over the Internet that I would not expect to be published the next day.

The records did not prevent the murder of the British MP.   Far more damning records were kept on the Orlando mass killer.  Nothing was done.

Instructions on how to make improvised weapons are more available over the Internet today than through the mail seventeen years ago.

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Anonymous said...

I have in my possession what I think is the pistol that Mark twain disposed of in his book The jumping frogs of Calaveras county. It would be extremely easy to reproduce it and it is a six shot black powder revolver called a pepper box. You could make it in any caliber you want. even make your own bullet molds. smooth bore guns give no ballistics traces. an awful lot of people died during the black powder era. I have always said it only takes one shot to upgrade your weapon. even a bow and arrow will get you a better weapon. A spear or a knife or a blow gun or a sword even a base ball bat. If the guns are collected it will not take to much time to rearm.