Sunday, June 27, 2010

Antigun nuts proven wrong: "In fact, since concealed carry went into affect, Ohio doesn't have the shootouts; the rage-induced gun battles along Ohio's highways; the accidental shootings; and the return to "Dodge City" -- all predicted by Drum and others like him in their opposition to concealed carry in Ohio. Factually, FBI statistics show violent crime has decreased in Ohio for the third straight year. Yes, that's right -- crime decreased in spite of predictions by the media, politically-motivated law enforcement groups and anti-gun extremists, who claimed that permissive self-defense laws would lead to the end of civilized society as we know it."

California attack on open carry: "Under current law, residents can carry unconcealed guns in public that are not loaded. They also can have ammunition on their person, but cannot go within 1,000 feet of schools or take guns to places like government buildings. A proposed state law would make openly carrying a handgun a misdemeanor. Sponsored by Assemblywoman Lori Saldana, D-San Diego, the bill passed the state Assembly earlier this month and is set to go before the Senate Appropriations Committee on July 12. Rachel Arrezola, a spokeswoman for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, said the governor has not yet taken a position on the bill and will decide when it reaches his desk whether to sign or veto it."

University of Colorado Puts Politics Ahead of Student Safety: "The University of Colorado voted Friday to continue fighting for the right to ban guns on campus. The CU Board of Regents voted 5-4 in favor of appealing the lawsuit brought by Students for Concealed Carry on Campus (SCCC), which sought legal confirmation that college directors lack authority to suspend Colorado law or Constitutional rights. Clearly, power and politics, rather than concern for student safety, are ruling the day for CU’s regents. Crime at CU has risen 35 percent in the past four years at the college which prohibits lawful concealed carry, while crime at Colorado State University has dropped 60 percent in the same time frame. No thinking person can look at those numbers and still assert that allowing concealed carry will prove dangerous for the campus."

Ohio Democratic Party unsuccessfully tries to get gun records: "The Ohio Democratic Party tried unsuccessfully this week to get information on all people licensed to carry concealed weapons in the Buckeye State. The state party sent letters to Ohio's 88 sheriffs requesting the names and addresses of permit holders and the dates the licenses were issued. Ohio has about 211,000 permit holders. But neither the Democrats nor any other political party can get that information. The records are exempt from the public record laws. The only public access was given to journalists when then-Gov. Bob Taft signed the law in 2004. The Democrats intended to target people who support the Second Amendment -- the constitutional right to bear arms -- with campaign information, said party spokesman, Seth Bringman."

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