Sunday, June 06, 2010

SC: Mother foils attempted break-in by shooting at men: "A mother who was caring for her young child foiled two men's attempts to break in to her house about 1:30 p.m. Monday when she, from her kitchen, shot at the men... the woman’s husband confirmed that it was his wife who fired at least two shots when the men tried to break in to their home on Broadway School Road in Belton while he was out of town. Authorities did not know whether the woman had hit and injured either of the men. As of Monday night, no one had been arrested, and authorities were still looking for two black men in a burgundy compact car. “The homeowner said two black males came to the front door and rang the doorbell, but the homeowner did not know them and so did not open the door,” said Chad McBride, a spokesman for the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office. “They drove their car to the back of the house and then picked up an object — a rock or a tool — and threw it through a glass door at the back of the house. “At that point, the homeowner fired a couple of shots.” After the shooting, the men fled the location and drove away in their car, McBride said."

Ohio: Fatal Shooting Justified: "Police in Dayton said a double shooting that happened on Tuesday and left one man dead has been determined to be a justified shooting. Police said the victim, Timothy Thomas, of Springfield, and other man, James Schuller, planned to enter the apartment of Terrance Boyd, 45, and rob him of money and drugs. According to police, Boyd's apartment door was unlocked. Police believe there was a struggle inside the apartment, causing Boyd to grab a gun from one of the alleged robbers and shoot them. Thomas was fatally shot and Schuller was injured. He was taken to a local hospital, where he is listed in fair condition. Boyd was taken into custody for probation violation, which was unrelated to the shooting. At this time, police said Boyd is not facing any charges in connection with the shooting."

South Carolina Soldier Shoots Robbers: "An Army specialist just home from the Middle East shot and critically wounded a robber who tried to hold up his family after they stopped with car trouble late Thursday, authorities said. Two other robbers returned fire as they pulled their wounded accomplice into a getaway car and sped away from the McCleod Road crime scene, according to Colleton County Sheriff George Malone. None of the victims were wounded, but their cars were struck by bullets, deputies said. Deputies located the injured suspect a short time later at Colleton Regional Hospital, where he was being treated for several gunshot wounds, deputies said. David Jayquon Jakes, 19, of Smoaks was later transferred to Medical University Hospital in Charleston, where he remains in intensive care, Chief Deputy Ted Stanfield said. … Investigators have no plans to file charges against the serviceman who shot Jakes, as he had a valid concealed weapons permit and acted in self-defense, Malone said."

Ambushed Florida Man saved by his gun: "John Lee says he's convinced they would have killed him if he hadn't had his gun. Lee was talking from his hospital bed Wednesday about the three armed robbers who ambushed him in the parking lot of his Palmetto Bay apartment complex, shooting him four times as he fired back with his own pistol. "They told me 'give it up,' but they didn't give me a chance. They just shot," Lee said as he lay sedated in his Ryder Trauma Center bed with bandages covering his abdomen, left arm and left hand. Lee was set upon as he got out of his car at the Royal Coast apartment complex where he lives shortly after midnight Tuesday morning. Lee said the bandits gave him no opportunity to comply with their demands before two of them started shooting. "The first bullet caught me in the hand and spun me around," Lee said. "I reached for it. I started firing my gun. I must have gotten hit a couple more times, but I didn't feel it at the time. I just started firing back, and the guys ran off."

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