Tuesday, June 29, 2010

MD: Maintenance man fatally shoots home invader: "A maintenance man at a Forestville apartment complex shot and killed a home invader Monday morning after the intruder forced the man into his apartment and fired a gun at him, police and law enforcement sources said. The maintenance man was able to retrieve his own gun inside his apartment and return fire, fatally wounding the intruder, law enforcement sources said. Police said that the maintenance man had not been charged criminally and that the shooting in the 4400 block of Rena Road appeared to be self-defense. "The victim . . . had a weapon inside the home that he used to shoot the suspect," said Cpl. Mike Rodriguez, a spokesman for the Prince George's County Police Department. "We believe that the victim had every right to defend himself."

Tennessee: Mobile home invaders shot and killed: "The shootings that killed two men identified as burglars in a South Knox County mobile home will be referred to the Knox County District Attorney General’s Office, according to the Knox County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff’s spokeswoman Martha Dooley would not elaborate this afternoon on the reason for the review. No charges have been filed against Douglas Jordan III, who shot both of the black-clad intruders as he returned to his Love Lane mobile home off the 8000 block of Chapman Highway at 11:18 p.m. Sunday. Authorities identified one of the dead men as Jimmy Cannon, 39, of Knoxville. Cannon had no local criminal history, but he had served time in prison for armed robbery in Georgia, Dooley said. “According to officers, the men were burglarizing the home when Jordan arrived,” Dooley said. When Jordan arrived, the men “tried to overpower him,” Dooley said, but he was armed and shot the men. “Both were dead when officers arrived,” Dooley said.

South Carolina: Gun-Toting Homeowner holds burglar: "A man who deputies say burglarized a home got more than he bargained for when the gun-toting, tough-talking homeowner caught and held him until deputies showed up. Ken Easler, 73, said he went into his home on Jones Road before heading to the farmer’s market on Saturday morning when he heard someone inside the house. Easler said when he went into the house, he heard someone upstairs. He grabbed his gun and waited for the person to come downstairs. “I put the clip in and jacked one in the chamber, and when I did, he had already started down the steps. He sat down. He sat down and held onto the rail. Deputies said when they arrived, they found Easler pointing his gun at a man, later identified as Douglas Nickerson, who was lying on the bathroom floor. Deputies said when they searched Nickerson, they found two rolls of dollar bills in his pocket."

SCOTUS gets it right: "In a 5-4 decision that split along conservative and liberal lines, the US Supreme Court extended gun rights to every state and city in the nation. The US Supreme Court has struck down a Chicago handgun ban in a far-reaching ruling that makes it unconstitutional for states and local governments to restrict the right of Americans to own guns. In a major victory for gun rights activists, but a bitter blow for those seeking greater gun controls in the United States, Justice Samuel Alito said on Monday the constitution was clear on the right to bear arms for self-defence. The five-four majority ruling extended to all cities and states the Supreme Court's 2008 landmark affirmation that Americans have the constitutional right - as enshrined in the Second Amendment - to own weapons, including handguns."

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