Thursday, June 03, 2010

PA: Abusive drunk gets shot: "Charges were dismissed Wednesday night against a Duncansville man accused of shooting a man outside a city bar in February. Zimmerman and Burk were not causing any trouble and were leaving the bar after their pool league when an intoxicated Vaughn and Stewart began calling them "faggots," the bartender testified. When Vaughn and Stewart left a few minutes later after they were asked to leave, they went out the front door onto South Kettle Street but soon turned down the alley to where Burk was trying to leave in his truck, the testimony showed. It was then that Zimmerman left his vehicle to help Burk. Burk pulled his handgun, mounted with a laser scope, and pointed it at Stewart, who police claim and video footage showed landed a single punch to Burk's face. Testimony showed that as Stewart and Burk scuffled, Vaughn backed Zimmerman down the alley until Zimmerman pulled his .32-caliber Kel-Tec handgun, for which he had a permit to carry. Vaughn allegedly dared Zimmerman to shoot him and continued his epithets. Zimmerman admittedly fired a warning shot before ultimately shooting Vaughn, who did not take the stand Wednesday, in the abdomen."

AZ: Intruder shot: "Mohave County Sheriff’s deputies responded to an attempted burglary early Saturday (5/29) morning, at about 1:56 a.m., in the 1700 block of Hammer Lane. Upon arrival, deputies were contacted by the homeowner, a 50-year-old male victim. The victim said that he shot at a subject who was trying to break into his house. The victim further said that he was not certain if he hit the suspect. Deputies walked through the victims’ residence and to the backyard. Deputies immediately ordered a male subject wearing black clothing to the ground. Deputies forced the male subject to the ground as he would not comply with their orders. Deputies detained the male subject, later identified as Joseph Alfonso Vasquez, 16, of Fort Mohave. Deputies observed Vasquez to have blood on his ear and small cuts on his face. Deputies located a small wound on Vasquez upper torso which was later determined to be a gun shot wound. Medical responded and transported Vasquez to Valley View Medical Center where he was treated and released. Investigations determined that the victim was awoken by someone trying to force entry through a door. The victim grabbed his gun while he walked to the glass pane door and told the suspect to leave the property. The victim advised that the suspect again tried forcing the door open and that’s when he fired his gun through the glass. The victim was unsure if he had hit the suspect. During conversations with Vasquez, he said that he thought that he was at a relative’s house. This case will be forwarded to the County Attorney’s Office for review.

Missouri mom uses gun to stop attempted rape of daughter: "A Cape Girardeau mother with a gun is being credited with stopping the attempted rape of her daughter. 51-year-old Craig Kizer faces a variety of charges, including attempted rape, armed criminal action and burglary. He has no known address and did not have an attorney. Police say Kizer had been working on the family’s home as part of a renovation project, but was not staying there. The teen was in bed around 5:30 a.m. Sunday when Kizer came into her room with a knife and climbed on top of her. When he set the knife down on the bed, the teen grabbed it and screamed. The girl’s mother came into the room with a gun, pointed it at the suspect and ordered him out of the house. Police later arrested him.

Pennsylvania: Man kills neighbor’s pit bull: "Police filed charges against a 37-year-old Chester Springs woman after her three pit bulls reportedly charged at her neighbors. The pit bulls’ charging incident caused the neighbor to shoot and kill one of the dogs; however, he does not face charges under a provision in the Pennsylvania Dog Law, according to police. Upon arrival, police met resident Fred Zeitter, 46, who stated he and his wife had been in their yard planting a tree when three pit bulls, belonging to their neighbor, came running toward them.... Zeitter then grabbed his .40-caliber handgun from his deck, turned around, and as all three pit bulls were charging at him, he fired his handgun at one of the dogs, striking the dog in the head and killing it instantly, according to police. The other two pit bulls then ran away from Zeitter’s home."

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