Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Florida: Home invader shot and killed: "A home invasion victim fatally shot one of the invaders Sunday in Carrollwood, and investigators have since arrested two other people involved in the crime, Hillsborough County deputies said. Victim Anthony Dipaolo, 23, shot and killed suspect Jonathan Fernandez, 23, sheriff’s spokeswoman Debbie Carter said. Fernandez died at the scene. Dipaolo was shot in the left leg. Though Dipaolo fatally shot Fernandez, two other home invasion suspects also have been charged with murder: Willie Goff and Katherine Schaeffer. Sheriff’s spokeswoman Debbie Carter said they were charged because their involvement in the offense led to the fatal shooting. Dipaolo was treated and released from a local hospital, Carter said."

Tennessee: Burglar in serious condition after being shot by resident: "A Telford man is in serious condition after being shot early Monday morning during an alleged Piney Flats burglary attempt. According to a report at the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office, a deputy responded to find the man lying in the driveway with a gunshot wound to his leg. The incident is still under investigation, with charges pending. Police report it occurred at about 12:50 a.m. at 920 Piney Flats Road. The resident, William Lusk, 46, reported that he was in his bedroom when he heard someone banging on the front door. Lusk said three men then broke into his home. He allegedly grabbed a shotgun and fired one round at the suspects, not knowing he had hit anyone until he found a man in his driveway. The suspect has been identified as, Terry Scalf, 39, of 132 Valentine Circle, Telford, Tenn. On Monday morning SCSO Capt. Keith Elton said the incident is still under investigation and no one has been charged. Mountain States Health Alliance spokesman James Watson reports Scalf is in serious condition at Johnson City Medical Center."

California: Woman fatally shoots pit bull to break up dog fight: "An unidentified woman shot and killed one of two pit bulls during a dog fight in South Los Angeles on Saturday morning, authorities said. A woman told officers that she was about to walk her basset hound when two unleashed pit bulls charged and attacked her dog. The woman and the owner of the pit bulls attempted to break up the fight. “They were unable to break up the dogs so she ran to her apartment and grabbed her gun,” Thompson said. “She shot one of the pit bulls to stop the fight,” Thompson said, adding that he did not know exactly how many shots were fired. The second pit bull fled. The dog died at scene, he said. The woman’s dog received non-serious wounds and was expected to live. Thompson said the woman handed the handgun to officers when they arrived. He said it was registered to her."

Open-carry gun activists laud NC: "Randy Dye will sometimes carry a gun on his hip, right out in the open, no jacket pulled over it, no inside-the-belt holster. It draws funny looks, and Dye doesn’t much care. One time, Dye explains, he was standing in line for a money order when the guy behind him asked, ‘Are you a police officer?’ Dye said no, and the guy kept staring, so Dye stared back. ‘We good?’ Dye asked, and the conversation stopped. ‘I wasn’t trying to intimidate,’ says Dye, a retired trauma nurse in Chatham County. ‘He approached me. If you don’t understand your constitutional rights, you need to go read them.’”

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