Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Ohio robbers shot: "The shots rang out just before 11a.m. in The Maylin Manor apartment complex in the 2700 block of North Gettysburg Avenue. The victim who died was identified as 41-year-old Timothy Thomas from Springfield. Investigators said he was shot at least once in the chest. A second victim who was shot collapsed on the grass while running from the apartments. Police said he was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. As for the shooter, witnesses told 2 News, he fired in self defense after the two victims tried to rob him in his own apartment. A maintenance worker at the apartment complex, Guy Abrams told 2 News, he was doing his job when the shooter rushed out of his apartment, and asked him to call 911 saying he had just shot two people. "He opened the door he said he had just been robbed," said Abrams. A neighbor, Matresia Coleman, said the man who shot the two victims was known as T-Bone. "There is always people shooting at his apartment all the time. It's none of my business, but there's always some activity over there," said Coleman... Police said the second victim of this shooting was expected to survive. The man who fired the shots, was taken downtown and questioned by police, but no charges were filed on Tuesday."

4 words to remember: "Remember if you shoot a scumbag no law requires you stay there or call the police. You have an absolute right and duty to yourself to remain silent. Leave the scene collecting any and all weapons you can. If contacted by the police remember these four words, “I WANT A LAWER.” Do not admit anything including being in fear for your life. Save that for your lawyer or a jury if they arrest you. Talking to police will almost guarantee your arrest. Silence is truly gold"

The doomsday provision: "‘Don’t tell me this bill will not make a difference,’ said President Clinton, who signed the Brady Bill into law. Sorry. Even the federal government can’t say it has made a difference. The Centers for Disease Control did an extensive review of various types of gun control: waiting periods, registration and licensing, and bans on certain firearms. It found that the idea that gun control laws have reduced violent crime is simply a myth.”

Gun rights should know no borders: "That statement, in one form or another, is a misguided talking point commonly used by gun-control advocates. They fail to see that it recognizes only a distinct minority of our population (the police) who are granted special privilege to carry guns while the average citizen cannot. That selectivity begs the question: Why should their safety be any more important than that of every one of us; shouldn’t the average citizen also be empowered to deal with the common criminal in issues of self-defense? Unfortunately, in many states, we are not. Taking away our guns has, ironically, granted a special privilege to lawbreakers as well. The predators have the distinct advantage of being armed while their prey is not.”

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