Thursday, June 24, 2010

MO: Crazy Robber Shot By Homeowner: "A residential robbery in Kansas City, Mo. ended with the homeowner shooting the man who was who was allegedly robbing his wife. Police said the incident happened "in a matter of seconds." The couple was doing yard work at their home near Gregory Boulevard and Holmes Road just before 5 a.m. when police said a man ran up to them. "The subject came up in the grass and started yelling and acting aggressive," Shaffer said. Police said the homeowner tried to keep his distance, when the alleged robber turned his attention to the woman. The man grabbed the woman, police said, and pulled her inside the house as he started grabbing items from inside the house. The suspect barely made it to the doorway with a flat-screen when police said the homeowner, now armed with a gun he retrieved from his truck, confronted him. "(The homeowner) told him to stop, I'll shoot," Shaffer said. "He didn't and the man shot him in the leg."

GA: Shooting likely self defense: "Police believe a deadly shooting in Sylvester was self defense. A woman shot and killed her own son because he attacked her and the mother of his child. Police say Chris Bunn fought with his girlfriend, Kayla Roberts, most of the day. They say his mother, Brenda Haire, shot him in the chest as he attacked his girlfriend with a candlestick holder. Chris Bunn had a long history with law enforcement in both Worth and Dougherty Counties. He'd been picked up on charges of burglary, criminal damage to property, and harassing phone calls, but Tuesday night his involvement with the legal system ended, after his violent behavior got out of control., some verbal, but it just escalated. It actually got to the point where he had those folks kept hostage in their own home. The Chief says Christopher Bunn's body has been sent to the crime lab for an autopsy. No charges have been filed."

Kentucky homeowner shoots at home invasion suspect: "A Lexington man fired shots at a suspect who broke into his home early Wednesday morning. Police say a man kicked in the front door of a home along Republic Court around 3 a.m. and entered the house. The home owner woke up when he heard the noise and grabbed his gun. He says that when he went into the hall and flipped on the lights, he saw the suspect standing there. The homeowner fired a few rounds and the suspect ran out of the house. Police say they don’t think the suspect was hit. The homeowner says he saw another man running with the suspect as he fled. The suspect didn’t get away with anything in the house. Investigators say the suspect was wearing a dark blue jacket, possibly a jean jacket, dark blue jeans and a bandana on his head. [Race unknown, evidently]

Firearm Travel Guide: Stay on the road and out of jail: "Summer is here. And if you’re like many people, you’re planning a trip that may take you out of state or across many states. But what if you plan to carry or pack a gun for protection, target shooting, or hunting? … if you’re not careful, your fun vacation could turn into a terrible nightmare if you’re caught breaking local laws. My solution? The Traveler’s Guide to the Firearm Laws of the 50 States …. It answers all the most important questions. Can I open carry in Texas? Is my concealed handgun license honored by every state I drive through on my way to Florida? Does California have state preemption of firearms laws? … How must I store my long guns?”

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