Wednesday, June 16, 2010

GA: Robber killed by restaurateur: "A suspect in a Moultrie armed robbery is dead, shot by the owner of a business he tried to rob. Monday night, two men tried to rob a woman outside the Cuban restaurant she owns. One of them shot her, but the woman's husband fired back. She's recovering, but one of the robbers was found dead today near the restaurant. It was gunfire that came from Juan Antillon the restaurant owner after his wife Rosa Medrano was grazed by a bullet from the suspect's gun when she came face to face with robbers up outside the restaurant. Antillon told police he didn't think he shot anyone. Now police know differently. "He was shot in his upper torso." Police searched the area, but never spotted Martin's body, just a short distance away, but in search this morning they found a gun and items taken from the restaurant. Police say the robber who got away is black with twists or dreads in his hair. They say he's between 5' 3" and 5' 7"."

GA: Man found not guilty of murder: "The jury said 45-yaer-old AndrĂ© Richardson acted in self defense when he gunned down 29-year-old Curtis Lee Coasey Jr. Police said Coasey was shot multiple times during a fight with Richardson in October 2009. Richardson's lawyer said his client believed his life was in danger when he was confronted. “Mr. Coasey was coming at him with a gun and actually said something to the nature of I’m going to kill you,” said Assistant Public Defender Ken Still. “I really appreciate the fact that the jury took this seriously deciding the life of a man that they couldn't really relate to.”

VA: Two masked Men With Guns fail to Survive Gunfight: "Police are investigating a triple shooting that left two men dead and wounded a teenager. The shooting occurred late Monday night in the 400 block of Chapel St., according to Cpl. Paula Scheck, a spokeswoman for Hampton police. Investigators have learned that a resident of the home and two acquaintances were sitting inside a detached garage about 10:30 p.m. when three men wearing masks walked up with handguns. Gunfire erupted and two of the masked men were shot. One of them suffered several gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead inside the garage, police said this morning. The other was pronounced dead about 12:30 a.m. at a hospital."

MA: Committee’s tie vote derails anti-gun bill: "A legislative committee has rejected on a tie vote a bill by Governor Deval Patrick to limit the purchase of firearms, angering supporters who say the measure would be a crucial step in stemming gun violence in Boston. The Joint Committee on the Judiciary’s 4-to-4 vote does not kill the bill. But the prospects for another vote in the near future seem far from certain. Representative Eugene O’Flaherty, House chairman of the panel and a Chelsea Democrat, said he would like to resurrect the measure but other bills, such as one to change the Criminal Offender Record Information law, known as CORI, take priority.”

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