Thursday, June 17, 2010

TX: Man killed during poker game: "Police say a man who fatally shot a suspected robber after another person was killed during a Dallas-area poker game is not expected to be charged. Mesquite police say 35-year-old Tracy Moore, who lived at the apartment, was shot and killed early Tuesday by 28-year-old Darvis Dervon Young, who allegedly tried to rob the players. Police say another man, 34-year-old Jerome Johnson, shot and killed Young, who police say did not have a known permanent address. Police say Johnson has a concealed handgun permit and was not arrested in the apparent self-defense case."

GA: Tattoo shop owner kills would-be robber: "The owner of an Atlanta tattoo parlor killed a would-be robber during a Tuesday evening confrontation in which at least 15 shots were fired, police said. The attempted holdup occurred about 6 p.m. at West End Tattoo on Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard, near Peeples Street. "It appears three suspects came into the West End Tattoo parlor and attempted to rob the owner and at some point, the owner managed to retrieve his own weapon," Maj. Keith Meadows told WSB-TV. "It was at that point that the individuals exchanged gunfire." The owner, who had a 9mm handgun, fatally shot one suspect. "The other two armed suspects fled the business on foot and remain at large," said Sgt. Curtis Davenport, a police spokesman. Police said it is unlikely the shop owner will be charged."

IA: Clerk shoots robbers: "Police say Bolden and Sproles arrived around 2 a.m. when Sanders was getting ready to close. The men came in with guns and Sanders shot them, according to investigators. ‘The clerk was getting ready to close and two suspects burst in with guns and attempted to rob the place and the clerk was armed and returned fire and ultimately killed both suspects,’ said Waterloo Police Chief Dan Trelka. Police say Sanders saw the men come in and grabbed a .44 caliber handgun. He shot both men, according to police. One fell immediately inside the store; the other stumbled to get away but then fell at the entrance of the store. Waterloo Police Captain Tim Pillack said the men clearly wanted to rob the store, and cited the fact that their mouths were covered with bandanas and refused to leave when the clerk told them to.”

NV: Gun show on History Channel: "Last fall, Pahrump talk radio host, second amendment activist and defensive firearms instructor Bill Carns was among 5,200 shooters applying to take part in a new competition-based reality TV show, Top Shot, on the History Channel. The … first episode premiered last Sunday. According to Carns, ‘The show encompasses all types of weapons from modern guns through historical weapons that are centuries old and don’t go bang. You might see everything from a long bow to an AR 15.’ The producers selected 50 potential contestants to try out for the show. Carns and 49 others spent a day … on a shooting range in California where they were scored firing two different types of handguns as well as two types of rifles.”

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