Saturday, June 19, 2010

IA store owner talks about deadly shooting: "The owner of a Waterloo convenience store where two robbers were killed Wednesday morning said the suspects were frequent customers. Store clerk Johnny Sanders, 65, shot Robert Maurice Bolden and Antonio McNeal Sproles, both 21, when the two walked into East Fourth Street Liquor brandishing a rifle and a handgun at about 2 a.m. closing time. Khan said Sanders didn't have a choice and was protecting himself during the botched robbery Wednesday. The weapon Sanders used, a .44-caliber revolver, was a firearm that is kept at the store for protection, Khan said. Sanders, a retired John Deere employee, said he had worked at the store in the past and returned to work last week. Officers are still investigating the shooting, but they said Sanders' actions appear justified."

FL: Robber shot and killed. Accomplices jailed: "A plot to rob another teenager near MetroWest last year ended with Beazer getting shot and killed and his four friends incarcerated with felony records. The five had planned to rob 17-year-old, Andrew Estime. They were supposed to meet with Estime under the guise of selling him a gun. Then two of them were to make it seem as if they were robbing everyone. It proved a bad plan. "They didn't realize the buyer had another gun," Assistant State Attorney Jim Altman said. "He kills Beazer. Everybody runs. And that's what happened." Kalvin Beazer was the one in his group with a gun, Altman said. Investigators and prosecutors determined that Estime fired in self-defense in the April 19, 2009, shooting near Edgewood Ranch Road and Jaffa Drive. In Florida, people can be charged with second degree felony murder if an accomplice is killed while committing certain felonies."

Ireland: Gardai (cops) order audit of country’s gun owners: "Garda Commissioner Fachtna Murphy has ordered an audit of the country’s gun owners, amid concerns over the ‘large number’ of unregistered firearms across the country. Firearms groups were informed about the audit on June 2, the same day that 12 people were shot dead in Cumbria by taxi driver Derrick Bird. The audit will be conducted in ‘‘early July,’ according to correspondence seen by The Sunday Business Post. It will be carried out by garda superintendents in each district nationwide, under legislation originally devised to tackle organised crime gangs. The nationwide audit is aimed at people who own licensed guns, but may have lapsed in re-licensing some or all of their firearms.”

CO: Clock ticking for CU to take victim disarmament obsession to Supreme Court: "The University of Colorado regents next week will decide whether the school should continue its legal battle to keep guns off its campuses, which could prove to be a litmus test for Republican board members who hold a 5-4 majority. Only two of the board’s conservatives … have made firm statements in favor of lifting the ban … The other three Republican regents, who could tip the board’s opinion, are more guarded on whether they’ll urge CU to defend its current weapons ban or side with their GOP colleagues. Judges with the Colorado Court of Appeals in April ruled in favor of a gun-rights group that sued CU and argued that a 1994 university policy banning concealed weapons violates state gun laws.”

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