Friday, June 11, 2010

Florida Woman Shoots Ex After Sex

(Oviedo, Florida) Last Month, a 42-year-old local woman, Anita Smithey, engaged in sex with her estranged husband and afterward fatally plugged him in the chest with a gunshot. She claimed the gun went off accidentally.

Smithey (pic) also told officers that after she shot Robert Cline, 41, he wouldn't move, so she plugged him a couple more times just to get him off the bed.

It's not surprising that the police investigators had problems with her story and she was charged with murder. Smithey asserts that the killing was in self-defense.
Police said Smithey stabbed herself with a single-blade folding knife to make it look like self-defense in what authorities said they thought was a case of domestic violence.
Smithey was booked into custody and has remained there since the start of May. Circuit Judge Marlene Alva finally allowed bail of $100,000 on June 1st, effective June 10th, the day after the victim's children get out of school.

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