Tuesday, June 15, 2010

PA: Burglar shot and killed: "Williamsport police are investigating the shooting death of a Milton man during a burglary in the city. Police said it happened in a house on Scott Street in Williamsport, around 2 a.m. when Abdul Miller was shot during a burglary. Investigators said this is how it happened, a person in the home called 911. Shots were then fired. When emergency crews arrived they found Miller. He died shortly afterwards. According to court records, Abdul Miller, the man who was shot has a history of being in and out of jail mostly on drug charges. Investigators are asking anyone with information to call Williamsport Police."

Florida: Woman uses rifle to run off invader: "A Port Charlotte woman foiled a home burglary early Sunday when she confronted the would-be burglar with a .22-caliber rifle. Authorities are now looking for an unidentified black man who tried to break into the LaSalle Avenue home around 6 a.m. Sheriff’s detectives said the woman scared away the man while investigating a suspicious noise outside her house. The suspect, described as about 6 feet tall, was standing on the lanai when the armed homeowner frightened him. The man, who was last seen wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and black shorts, hopped a privacy fence and disappeared."

Known gun ownership scares off robbers: "In December 2008, a Memphis, TN newspaper published a searchable online database of names, zip codes, and ages of Tennessee handgun carry permit holders. We use detailed crime and handgun carry permit data for Memphis to estimate the impact of the database publication on different types of crime. We find that crimes more likely to be affected by knowledge of gun ownership - such as burglaries and thefts - appear to decrease more signicantly, after the database was publicized, in zip codes with more gun permits. However, these effcts appear to decline after the publicity surrounding the database died down. No comparable effect was found for crimes that are usually not premeditated, like assaults or shootings, or in nearby areas and comparable cities that were not covered by the published database. Furthermore, we found no evidence that publishing the identities of gun permit owners led to a relative increase in crimes aimed at stealing their weapons."

Orders of protection are not a shield of steel: "If you are old enough to remember the Vietnam War and the passing of the 1968 Gun Control Act, you probably remember Batfink, whose famous saying was, ‘Your bullets cannot harm me — my wings are like a shield of steel!’ Sadly, we note that Christene Rivera was killed in her Knoxville apartment, allegedly by estranged husband Joseph Rivera, against whom she had an Order of Protection … Unfortunately, these documents are provide no shield of steel against someone who is committed to causing serious bodily harm or death. Simply put, if you really need an order of protection, you need to be able to defend yourself. If you choose to do so with a firearm, be sure and get proper training.”

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