Saturday, June 05, 2010

Michigan: Home Invader Shot With Own Sawed-Off Shotgun: "Flint Township police are investigating after an elderly man got a hold of a sawed-off shotgun while a 35-year-old man burglarized his bedroom. Investigators said the intruder, a Flint resident, had forcibly entered the second-floor apartment. Police said the man entered the room and saw the suspect set down his gun while rummaging through the bedroom. The man then grabbed the gun and shot the suspect. Investigators said the suspect then grabbed the gun from the man and fled the apartment. Officers said they later discovered him at a nearby apartment building. The suspect was taken into custody and is being treated at a Flint Township hospital while under police guard. Authorities said charges are pending against the 35-year-old suspect."

FL: Both robber and victim die: "Shots were fired from two guns about 9 p.m. Friday inside a car in front of a vacant house on Gertrude Court at the intersection of Cedar Highlands Boulevard. The driver -- David J. McCants, 22, of Ocala -- had no criminal record, Chitwood said. Family members and friends said he was "a good student" at a local college. He was found dead inside the car, and police speculate a 9-mm pistol found inside the car was his. Sean A. Hatter, 21, of Daytona Beach, McCants' passenger, has only been arrested for a misdemeanor, according to court records. He was shot in the leg and foot and is in stable condition at Halifax Health Medical Center. McCants and Hatter were alone in the car when they pulled up in front of the house, but were joined soon after by De'Angelo A. Lee, 20, also of Daytona Beach. That's when "all hell broke loose," Chitwood said. Lee was found dead about 50 feet away from the car. He's the only one of the men with a felony record, and it's not lengthy, court records show. "The only thing we know for sure is that this was a robbery," the chief said. "De'Angelo had property in his pockets belonging to the victims."

Carjacker caught but bystander accidentally shot: "A Detroit carjacking victim was charged with manslaughter this morning for killing a woman in her kitchen with a shot meant for his alleged assailant. Edward Bell, 65, was charged for the May 12 fatal shooting of Geraldine Jackson, 69. She was hit in her home on the 18400 block of Vaughn. The incident began, authorities said, with the alleged carjacking and robbery of Bell on the 18000 block of Evergreen in Detroit, when Antwan Hall allegedly drove off with Bell’s GMC Suburban. Bell reportedly pulled a handgun and fired, striking the SUV. Hall crashed into a tree, bailed out of the vehicle, dropped a replica handgun and fled on foot. Authorities said that Bell fired as Hall ran west on Pickford and Vaughn. The shot missed Hall, but went into Jackson’s home, hitting her, according to the prosecutor’s office. Bell is charged with manslaughter, carrying a maximum15-years prison term; and discharge of a weapon at a building, a felony with a four-year maximum sentence. He is scheduled to be arraigned Friday afternoon in Detroit 36th District Court. Hall is charged with felony murder that carries a mandatory sentence of life in prison without parole."

Research: Concealed Carry and Guns Save Lives: "Guns save lives, and are necessary for protection. That's according to research from David Burnett and Clayton Cramer, who track incidents of defensive gun use at The stories include senior citizens fighting off robbers, and women defending themselves against rapists or attackers, proving armed citizens prevent violent crimes everywhere from restaurants and grocery stores to banks, coffee houses and pizza parlors. "We've documented 2,160 stories of self-defense with guns since May 2007 - the same time frame the VPC used," said Burnett. "When it comes to concealed carry permits, we have 153 documented cases across 26 states with at least 550 lives saved." The Violence Policy Center (VPC) recently claimed concealed weapons licensees are killers, offering stories as proof. Burnett says the VPC is distorting the truth. "If these victims had been disarmed, they wouldn't be able to fight back ...they'd be dead," said Burnett."

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