Saturday, June 12, 2010

OH: Gunman shot when he attacks a whole family: "The grandson of the homeowner, 68-year-old Josephine Clark, was sitting on the porch, talking on his cellphone when an armed man approached him. Authorities say the robber made the grandson strip and then demanded money. He then marched the grandson at gunpoint inside the house and continued on his criminal mission. Soon after, the crook woke up the homeowner's son and other grandson, by striking them over the head with a shotgun. Clark was sound asleep downstairs when she heard the noises upstairs. She told Fox 8 News, at first, she thought the noise might have been her grandchildren. But as she went to check, Clark says the man hit her across the face, knocking her to the ground. He then allegedly pointed a gun at her and said he was going to kill her. That's when her family took action. According to a police report, Clark's son, 40-year-old Robert Clark, grabbed the intruder's shotgun and fired it at him four to five times, killing him. Cleveland Police responded and began investigating, but at this time, it appears the family was well within their rights."

GA: Shooting at strip club considered self-defense: "A security guard at an east Atlanta strip club fatally shot a man drawing a gun on him early Friday morning, police said. Atlanta Police spokesman officer James Polite said the shooting was believed to have been in self-defense because the man, who had been escorted from the Foxy Lady on Moreland Avenue, returned to the door of the bar with a handgun around 3 a.m. Julius Geter, 32, of Atlanta, was among several people fighting in the parking lot, Polite said. Police homicide detective Sgt. D'Andrea Price told the AJC that shots were heard in the rear parking lot, and the security guard who went out to check found Geter running around holding a gun. "According to the security guard, the man pointed the gun at him," Price said. Polite said Geter refused to drop the gun and that is when the security guard fired. He was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital where he later died"

Pennsylvania: Armed guard stops 7-Eleven robbery: "An armed security officer thwarted a robbery early this morning in Bethlehem, city police said. Police said a robber, who was wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt and a black ski mask, went into the 7-Eleven store in the 1300 block of Catasauqua Road about 3:30 this morning while brandishing a handgun and demanding cash. Police said an armed Westgate Security officer confronted the robber, who then ran away empty-handed. The robber jumped into a small car and sped away from the store. Police records show no arrests were made."

WV: Governor signs Bloomberg Law: "A new law is asking other cities and states to respect the borders of West Virginia and its law enforcement officers when it comes to Second Amendment rights. The legislation is called the Bloomberg Law after New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The legislation was introduced in the State Senate after it was learned that New York was conducting undercover stings in neighboring Virginia using private citizens at gun shows and other venues. ‘Whether it’s the state of New York or any other state, everyone has that sovereignty and should be responsible for that, but crossing lines and trying for entrapment is not the way to do that,’ says Governor Manchin.”

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