Friday, June 11, 2010

Massachusetts Gun Control Bill Stalls

(Boston, Massachusetts) A proposal to impose stricter gun control in Massachusetts has stalled.
A legislative committee has rejected on a tie vote a bill by Governor Deval Patrick to limit the purchase of firearms, angering supporters who say the measure would be a crucial step in stemming gun violence in Boston.

The Joint Committee on the Judiciary’s 4-to-4 vote does not kill the bill. But the prospects for another vote in the near future seem far from certain.
The proposed legislation restricts gun ownership, tightens background checks and prevents purchase of more than one gun per month. Anti-gun people believe that the measures would impede gun trafficking.

In any event, gun control fanatics likely won't be giving up easily. They'll be back. They're convinced that guns are evil, even legally- and responsibly-owned guns, and elimination of the guns eliminates the evil.

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