Friday, June 10, 2016

Followup OH: Recording of 911 Call of Dayton Shooting of Intruder

An elderly Dayton resident shot a suspected intruder, who is in “grave condition” at Miami Valley Hospital, and detectives will have to determine whether the use of deadly force was justified, police Lt. Mark Ponichtera said.
  • Male shot as he began to make entry into home
  • Suspected intruder suffered significant injuries
  • Police looking for two suspects, believed to be juveniles
  • 911 call released Tuesday morning
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Anonymous said...

"began making entry into the home"

Well, in America we have these things called property pins. In order to begin entry into a abode, the lines between the property pins was crossed - and not accidentally.

There is a clear line of difference here. Shot in the public square is one thing, shot on private property is another. While not a fact that will decide any and all situations, it is a pretty effective test that demonstrates the difference between guilty party and innocent party.

An interesting bit here.....were people to return to the days of respecting the line between their property and the property belonging to another, a huge portion, possibly even the majority portion, of crime would instantly cease to exist.

I have an idea, let's enforce seriously that line and just see where it takes us. At this point, what do we have to lose?


Anonymous said...

There are other technicalities in the law to consider. If your property is fenced and if it is not fenced. If it is fenced you may not need no trespassing signs but if it is not fenced you definitely need properly posted No trespass signs. entering a building on the other hand is unwarranted entry. It has recently been determined that a fist can deal a deadly blow so display of any other kind of a weapon may not be necessary. So if someone is in your home or business without your permission it is safe to say they are not invited and may mean you harm. anyone that refuses to leave my home or enters without my permission will be dropped like a hot rock. I see no reason to discuss an illegal entry. the entry is the intruders mistake. defending what is my duty and responsibility to protect is my right.