Wednesday, May 15, 2013

AZ:Phoenix Anonymous Donor Funds 18 May Turn In with Another $100K! Another Rolling Gun Show!

Some guns that went past private buyers and were turned in at the Phoenix events

Yes, you do see a stainless mini-14 with a folding stock, an M1 carbine, a utility double, and many more. Just short of a thousand were turned in.

Another mysterious source comes up with $100K to further fund gun turn in events in Phoenix this Saturday, May 18th.

The hours have changed to 0900 - 1300. Private buyers have made amazing deals at these events during the last two weekends, and some fantastic firearms have been turned in, in spite of dozens of private buyers offering cash instead of gift cards. Here are the three locations:

Southminster Presbyterian 1923 East Broadway Road

Betania Presbyterian 2811 North 39th Avenue

Sunnyslope Mennonite Church 9835 North 7th Street

The Mennonite Church is the most upscale, Betania Presbyterian the most modest, though last weekend it was the only location and therefore a hotspot. Southminster Presbyterian was in between.

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Here are some more of the guns turned in

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